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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

“Side by side” with Nikitas Troumouhis by Joseph Wolkin, assistant sports editor

In basketball, star players are rare, especially in the world of sports where not everyone is exceedingly talented. But, for Sophomore, Nikitas Troumouhis, he is at the helm of stardom for the JV Francis Lewis Patriots Basketball team, led by Head Coach, Michael Mason.

At 6”0 tall, Troumouhis’ Small Forward stature has helped lead the Patriots to be third place throughout the Queens 2 division in the PSAL.

JW: What inspired you to play basketball competitively for a team with such high expectations?
NT: “The thing that inspired me to play basketball is, I really enjoy playing basketball, it is the way I can relax and enjoy life.”

JW: How confident are you on the court playing against schools’ with star players?
NT: “Well I have a lot of confidence in my game. I have been playing for a long amount of time, and over time and dedication of the sport I know for a fact that I can play with so called ‘star’ players. Also everyday I would go to the park and play against 20 and even 30 year old, and I can even say i am better than most of them.”

JW: How dedicated are you to improving your game to make yourself known to top Division 1 Colleges?
NT: “I  am extremely dedicated on improving my game of basketball, because you can always get better. I already have practice at Francis Lewis High School every single day and it last for about 3 hours and sometimes after practice I would still go to the park and practice basketball for about an hour.”

JW: Are you planning on using your basketball skills to receive a scholarship?
NT: “There is no question in my mind that I am planning on receiving a Division 1 basketball scholarship either for UCONN or for the United States Naval Academy”

JW: For those who want to learn from your talents, what do you to upgrade your game for preparations to becoming a Varsity athlete?
NT: “If I was speaking to a fellow basketball ‘athlete’ I would say you have to endure lots and lots and LOTS of running. Your endurance level must be high, especially if you want to be a starting player on a varsity game you have to run up and down the court many times and you have to grab rebounds, shoot, play defence, etc. Also work on your jump shot, take at least 100 free throws a day and even practice your ‘easy’ layups.

JW: Your success throughout the JV season has proved to be helpful to the team, how do you see the Patriots being more successful in the next few seasons when the current JV team will most likely become the Varsity team in years to come?
NT: “Just by our friendship on and off the court, most of the players on my current JV team are also dedicated in the game of basketball so we can go far in this league. Espcially when we go the Varsity level of basketball, because I love to take on and succeed in hard challenges with high expectations.”

There have been many circumstances to drive Troumouhis’ love for basketball to the next level. His pure talent and dedication are qualities that show his true team colors. Experience is key to becoming a professional athlete. Not only is he proving to gain experience, but he is proving that he has what it takes to be a champion. Hopefully, for Troumouhis, his dream will come true and he can represent the WJPS community in the NCAA Men’s Division 1 basketball as well as the NBA. Best of luck goes out to Troumouhis and his family as his career progress’ throughout the years.


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