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NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
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Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

The Apple Watch: Things to Know

The Apple Watch Sport, 38 mm with white sport band. It's comfortable, and has a great feel toward its design. Photo Taken by Abhishek Singh
The Apple Watch Sport, 38 mm with white sport band. It’s comfortable, and has a great feel toward its design. Photo Taken by Abhishek Singh

by Abhishek Singh, junior co- editor in chief

Smart Watches seem to be the center of the crowd, at least it has for the past six months. Apple, the biggest technology company seems to have a new product in hand, the Apple Watch.

While some may sound surprised that it wasn’t titled “iWatch,” it even came as a bigger surprise when Apple was going for a fashion statement rather than a revolutionary product  that it was known for making.

Fans all around the world got to experience the Apple Watch live when it was announced back in September 2014. While little was talked about at the event, it was clearly advertised as “personal” as in changing the bands to the customers style (fashion) compared to its new UI (User Interface). While the Apple Watch doesn’t look ugly at all, its features are quite overlooked considering its price point.

“I haven’t really looked at it, to be honest. A watch isn’t as marketable as opposed to the iPhone or iPad which a lot of people have. It’s hard to convince other people to start wearing a watch again,” Geometry teacher Mrs. Johnston said.

First off, Apple heavily talked about the digital crown, advertising it was a special revolutionary UI. In reality, its just another button. One thing Apple seemed to add was a button from classic watches, called the crown. The crown is used to just change time and the date, but it is very different on the Apple Watch.

This Apple Watch calls it the digital crown, allowing the person to move the watch around with that button. It’s very cool to add something from a classic watch such as a digital button, but that’s more of a design feature, something that customers won’t find as impressing.

However, the ability to change the watch face to a personal liking shows far more personal care than any other smartwatch out in the market.

“I think once people really get what the watch is about and how to use it, it will kick off. The price will have to come down,” Raytheon representative Jacob Polinski said

While the smartwatch is broken up into three collections, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition, the three collections are similar mock ups with different design choices. Apple Watch Sport is built out of anodized aluminum, which is sixty percent stronger than regular aluminum and is thirty percent lighter than the regular Apple Watch steel.

Apple Watch is made out of stainless steel, and is the biggest band collection that Apple offers.

Apple Watch Edition is made out of 18 karat gold, including the bands that come with it. The highest price point for the Apple Watch is $17,000 (the Edition) , while the lowest is $350 (the Sport).

While the price can vary and already seems very expensive, Apple mainly takes great time into designing a new product. The Watch seems to appeal to people who understand the watch are tech savvy. Unless someone really believes in the sole purpose of the watch and understand that overtime it will evolve into something like the iPhone and iPad, then go ahead and buy it.

If this is something to be interested about, then go ahead and pick it up. If someone is in the majority who want to wait until the watch kicks off with brand new apps and have great stability, then that person might wanna wait an extra two years. Just to be sure.

Health and Fitness is one area that Apple is new in, and seem to heavily base the Watch with the services around it. The Watch is the person’s personal assistant with working out or daily activities. One example is that the Apple Watch knows when someone is sitting down, it will then prompt the person to stand up once every hour in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With all details out, one can be confused on which model to buy. It is very simple, if a person likes to work out more than anything, than the Apple Watch Sport is right for them. If someone is an average joe then the Apple Watch collection is right for them. The Apple Watch Edition is a simple way to express class, nothing else. Whether a person would consider a Rolex or a new smart watch is up to the person’s attitude toward it.

“I really like the watch because it really helps me express who I am and I think it is gonna be big after the first model,” junior Daniel Kricheli said

Pre- Orders start on April 10th, 2015 and allows a 15 minute demo to customers who are interested. Apple Watch will release on April 24th, 2015 to select countries, then eventually spreading worldwide later this year. According to their keynote, the USA will be one of the countries that will have first access to the Apple Watch.

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