The Florida Panther

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The Florida Panther
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by Camille Chen, contributing reporter

The Florida Panther is an important part of the Everglades National Park. Sadly now they are endangered. It is the result of where it lives, what it eats, what eats it, and our impact on their society. They are a small race of panthers that are found in the western United States. They are sometimes known in a couple of nations as mountain lions, puma’s, and cougars.

The Florida Panther is now endangered not only because of weather but also because of our impact on their society. One reason that they are gone is habitat loss. We chop down their habitat for buildings and offices. Also collisions with motor vehicles like cars and trucks are the leading cause of death. People just kill them because they are scared of the panthers killing their livestock. If their genetics are not programed correctly they will not live for a long time.

Even though this majestic animal is at the top of the food chain, it still has animals that eat it, especially when they are small. Those who are foolish enough to eat the babies are eaten by the parents. Also mercury is a thing that eats the inside and makes these animals die. The alligator also eats the florida panther along with hawks and eagle to feed of of their young.

This furry creature is based on a meat basis. It mostly eats the white tailed deer. It will also eat other animals like feral hog, rabbit, raccoon, armadillo, and birds. On occasion if it can catch it a wild dog it will not sacrifice it. It also eats mole or role

The human (us) has a major impact on their society. We poach the animals. Their fur can be up to 30,000 dollars for one piece. We also kill them for their meat. Since panther meat is rare only the poachers and the incredibly wealthy who are not afraid to get caught can eat it. Also now that we have pollution their air will be contaminated. The trees of their habitat is being destroyed to make new buildings and offices.

The main abiotic feature that these panthers need are the trees that the panthers hid in. It is a great part of their camouflage and it helps conceal them from the poacher.


* The submission has been edited for grammatical purposes

* Photo attribution to Monica R. on Flickr.

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