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AP Test Tips

Advanced Placement exams are quickly approaching. The first exam will be administered on May 7th, 2018. Depending […]


2017 was a grand slam

  By Thomas Monaghan, sports reporter   After an exciting and successful year for Major League Baseball, […]


  • “Hey, Look Me Over” WJPS

    “Hey Look Me Over” WJPS by Robyn Landolfi, senior reporter On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, WJPS students, […]

  • Star’s opening up

    You By Staff reporter Sabrina Enriquez Throughout the years it appear that many celebrities have been bottling […]

  • Concocting a plan, in order to expand

    by Esther Animalu, editor in chief  Space. Having an abundant amount of space would be crucial for […]


Student IDs, here to stay

 By: Daniel Del Toro, Junior Reporter On the last day of school, before summer began, every student received […]

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WJPS News switched from a monthly newspaper (named The Blazer) to an online convergent media site. Now, working with the school’s broadcast, The Highlight and the yearbook The Byline, we are hoping to bring the information for students to one place.