WJPS got talent

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WJPS got talent
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by Timothy Maier, contributing reporter

Every year, before the winter break, students at the school gather in the auditorium to watch the annual Winter Talent Show. The school’s Greek Club is responsible for auditions, choosing the performers, when the show will take place, and much more. There will be one show for both the middle school and the high school. A lot of the students enjoy the show, but some have a few critiques.

Skylar Kleess, one of the performers this year, says though she loves performing, there are a few things she would change about how the way the talent show is run.

She said, “Things seem very rushed and unprepared.”

She also added that if she was in charge, she would make sure everything is done when it needs to be done. In the end, she states that even though there are a few problems with the staff, she loves performing.

“When you’re on the stage, you feel more confident in yourself. You feel like you’re on top of the world,” Kleess said.

Another member of the Greek Club, Sabrina Pincay, thinks that the talent show is great for way for the students to express themselves.

“The talent show is great because it shows that even though we are a journalism school, we have much more to offer,” Pincay said.

The talent show also brings out a lot of nerves in people.

When asked how to deal with stress and nerves, talent show performer, Julia Maldonado said, “I usually have a friend calm me down. I also just keep practicing until I’m perfect.”

Overall the students seem to be excited for the talent show. The talent show this year will be held on December 23rd.

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