Adventure at Prospect park

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Adventure at Prospect park
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by Michelle Tejada, staff reporter

 Picture by Rachel Yoo.

Students at WJPS went on a relaxing journey at Prospect park in Brooklyn. Picture by Rachel Yoo.

Students at WJPS went on  a relaxing journey at Prospect park in Brooklyn. On Thursday June 11th, the sixths graders hit the road to Brooklyn. On this trip they went bird watching and sightseeing.

The rangers who are in charge of the park lead the students around. They taught them facts about the birds they saw. Some birds they saw included woodpeckers, American Robins, ducks, geeses and brown headed cowbirds.

“My favorite part was watching the woodpecker. I like Robins more than I like woodpeckers, but woodpeckers are cool too. It’s amazing how fast they move and I found it very cool and interesting,” 6th Angela Kim said.

While viewing the amazing landscape the students were able to see ducks and turtles in the water. It is a beautiful place to just take a moment and embrace nature.

“I didn’t like that we had to walk a lot over hills, but I liked how the ranger showed us around and taught us about different birds. But I just wished that we had more time to enjoy the park,” 6th Silvia Lee said.

Not only did the students have a great time at the park on a school day, but they were also able to learn and ask questions about a variety of species.

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