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Adams Walker and Zeus’ Gift (Chapter 1)

Adams Walker and Zeus’ Gift  (Chapter 1)


by Adriano Figueroa, contributing reporter

“So class, answer the following question:  42 / 7 x 92. Answer in less than 10 seconds!” Ms. M said. 7th grade is hard, especially if you are a dyslexic kid. I hate it as much as hating my boring stepfathers I had before. My mom had 3 husbands. One who loved horror movies, another who loved looking at the sky, and one who loved the beach. My personalities come from the father who loved the sky, rain, thunder, and the clouds. My other stepfathers were just not the same. I also have two brothers: Jane and Luke. Luke had the personalities of my stepfather who loved the beach, waves, the ocean, and fishing. Jane had the personalities of the stepfather I had who loved horror movies, darkness, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and other junk.

The bell rang. I was glad I would not have to answer Ms. M math problem. I am not very good at math. “You are lucky Adams Walker I was going to call on you, you little troublemaker!”, Ms. M said “ Why are you even in my class?”. I can’t believe I got saved by the bell again. Good thing I am wearing my lucky 7 shirt on. As I was saying I am failing classes. In reading I am still in page 12 of “The Chronicles of Narnia”. In Gym I am doing well, in Science I got an C+ for making a working volcano. The reason of my C+? The volcano had real lava inside that burned the half of the whole classroom. In History I am doing well since our teacher, Mr. Watson, is the best guy ever (after my dad of course), he is fun and awesome. He has a sword in his closet, a shield, and armor.

“Hey nerd, how did class go for you?”. It was Daniel Reff, the school bully,“Are you failing the same class over and over again?”. I hate Daniel, the teachers think he’s an angel for making me go to detention if I am acting very bad in class. They say it is a miracle. All except Mr. Watson, who says any student can succeed by doing a good job.

“What do you want Daniel?” I said.

“Well you know I was looking for my best victim: you”

He came at me with his famous “Knucklehead”. I quickly blocked and afterwards I heard the scream of a little girl. Who had screamed? Oh wait…Daniel. Daniel looked like he just got electrocuted by something.

“Adams Walker, detention in my class for 3 hours!”, said Ms. M ,”get there in less than 30 seconds or I will make it 4 hours of detention!”.

I walked to detention and saw everyone looking at me whispering something. They always said I was a bad student and tried to stay away from me as possible because the knew I was trouble. I saw my friend, Amelia, on her locker. She has blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and also she was wearing her I HEART ME, MYSELF, AND I T-shirt.

I was now in detention. I saw my best friend, Michael, in there and so was Daniel. Michael was pretty weird. He loves apple, tin cans, and he also acts like a goat. He always wears a hat and doesn’t change when we are in the locker room.

“What are you in for?” I asked him.

“Ate Mr. Watson’s apples”, Michael said ,“he didn’t want me to go to detention but there was a student teacher in the classroom so he had to send me here.”

He opened his bookbag and there it was, 10 juicy, delicious, gorgeous red apples. He took one out and ate it. Thank goodness it was lunch detention. I took out a hamburger I bought at McDonalds that made Michael throw up.

“You disgust me goat boy!” Ms. M said. Wow, harsh. I know Michael acts like a goat but he really isn’t one, right? She then stood up on her desk and then turned into a monster.

“Don’t look Adams!”, Michael shouted as he pushed me. I fell and wanted to thank Michael but he quickly got a golden apple from his bookbag and handed it to me. It was a shiny golden apple like no other. It was yellow but not like those rotten apples, it was like no other. I wanted to take a bite out of it. You could even see your own reflection through it. I looked and there it was: Ms. M’s reflection. She looked uglier than before. She looked like a monster from greek mythology we were learning from Mr. Watson.

“Leave us alone Medusa!”, Michael screamed, “we have done nothing to you and now you want to kill us?”

“What can you do goat boy?”, Medusa said. Daniel panicked and then he looked at the hideous monster. Daniel turned to stone. I grabbed a spoon (the best weapon here apparently) and threw it to medusa’s eye.

“Ouch my eye!”, she screamed, “you little rat will pay for this!”. She grabbed a ruler that suddenly turned to a sword. She slithered right to me and put up her sword, ready to kill the biggest troublemaker in the school.

“Catch Adams!”, a voice said. It was Mr. Watson! He threw me what looked like a lightning bolt. I spined and threw it right to Ms. M’s neck which cut her head off.

“Did you make this mess Adams?”, Mr. Watson said, “Ms. Luna is going to be very upset when she comes back and finds this.”

“Who is Ms. Luna?”, I asked.

“You know her Adams”

“No really I don’t”

“Are you lying to me Adams?”

“No I am not Mr. Watson but where is Ms. M?”

“Adams are you alright? There is no Ms. M in this school”

“Oh um… okay”, I said back. I wasn’t. What had just happened was going to be hard to explain. I looked around and all there was was books in the floor, some pencils on random places, and no Daniel statue. No Medusa head in the classroom or the sword that used to be a ruler until Medusa turned it into a sword. The blackboard fell to the floor which made the classroom look even worst. I was glad that Summer was coming but scared that other monsters may attack me. Was it all a dream, then why was I in detention. Am I really not dyslexic? Nope I still am. What just happened? Am I still Adam? Is my name Adam or Adams? Is it both? Are tomatoes a fruit? All these questions came to me and then I just fell and blacked out.

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