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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Cheating… think again By Esther Animalu, contributing reporter

Various of students have had the urge to take a discreet glimpse at their neighbor’s work and unjustly claim their answers as one of their own.

Sometimes students cheat on tests because they may be determined to maintain good grades to their own likings. Other times it may be to impress their teachers as well as their parents with remarkable grades. Or simply, students may choose to cheat for their own pleasure. However, students aren’t aware that cheating on tests, can not only effect their grades, but it can also effect one’s way of life; mentally and physically.

“Students know that it’s not right to cheat on test because then their grades become fake. Also there’s a lot of pressure to pass a test and not disappoint our family that we end up cheating,” said Crystal Shin, 6th grader.

“I do not think students cheat to impress their parents or teachers, but to make it easier for themselves,” said Georgia Savva, 6th grader.

“Sadly, I think that a majority of parents are strict about their child’s grades, then students get pressured and choose to cheat. Cheating on tests is not something to be proud of because you don’t learn anything and the person you’re cheating off of answer’s could be just as wrong as yours,” said Patrick Burke, 6th grader.

“I personally think that if students cheat, the only ones they’re cheating are themselves,” said Erica Liow, 6th grader.

    According to Student.htm, studies proclaimed that, many commentators are stressing that society has placed so much pressure on students to achieve, as a result they are doing anything to live up to the expectations of parents and others. On some occasions, the urge to impress people by their grades becomes a way of life. A walloping 40% of students who cheat on test believe that cheating is a substantial way to live life in order to amaze others. On the other hand, election-conscious politicians are pressing the proposal of testing as a way to determine achievement.

“I think most kids are pressured because they feel the need to do good in school to impress their parents. They don’t want to get bad grades because they might upset and get in trouble by their parents. As for cheating, it is definitely not the right path to choose. Many times the answers you steal might be just as wrong as your answers. Cheating on test, will get students no where,” said Portia Vargas, 6th grader.

“Yes, I do think that students cheat in order to not upset their parents, either way cheating is wrong. There’s other ways to get better in school,” said Kaleya Grant, 6th grader.

“Cheating is definitely not the right path. It’s better to get a bad grade honestly, instead of a good grade by cheating,” said Julia Anderson, 6th grader.

“Instead of cheating, students should study not copy. It’s the only way students can do better in school,” said Gwyneth Gravador, 6th grader.

“Students are pressured by their teachers and parents, in return they feel if they get a bad grade they’ll get punished, and if they cheat they will be rewarded for passing. Cheating is only hurting themselves. They won’t improve unless they use their spare time to study to pass tests,” said Kevin Cosgrove, 6th grader.

However, bystanders as well as students, are agreeing that the board of education and an abundant amount of teachers, parents and others, care more about passing the test, rather than the students actually learning the material. The fact is, we have used tests as the aftermath for determining what a student has learned, and, as a result, the test, although given more importance, has been voided by those who would cheat to pass it.

For instance, major exams such as the state ELA Exam and the state Math Exam, often unjustly conclude that if a student fails the assessment, that the student will fail the grade. Also, many times the child may be an aspiring student in school but had encountered difficulties with the examination. Furthermore, according to blogs/answer-sheet/post/new- ways- students-cheat-on-tests/2011/09/28/gIQAPxFL6K_blog. html, studies show that if their were a more efficient, beneficial, fair method of testing a student’s overall knowledge, this is proven to decrease the number of students who cheat on tests.

“I think that if there was another fair way for testing a student’s knowledge the cheating rates would drop because, it would meet the standards of each student, then they wouldn’t need to cheat,” said Patrick Burke, 6th grader.

Students should think again before they establish the decision to cheat on test. No matter how major or irrelevant the theory test may seem, a test is a test.

Cheating is not efficient for one’s brain nor is it good for one’s health, it’s proven that if students in a classroom cheat once without getting caught, 91% of the students, are highly likely to do it again. In return, they’ll learn zilch and will eventually get caught. Also according to recent studies, the victim cheated off on, has a 50% chance of being just as wrong as the cheater’s answers. To cheat on a test is the most terrible deception; it is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation.

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