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NFL Draft Recap
May 17, 2024
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Eternal Sunshine
May 16, 2024
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FAFSA Turmoil
May 14, 2024


by Kelly Leem, staff reporterWalking-in-through-the

Walking in through the darkness

Where snow seems to live free

I slowly stare into the air

and someone stares back at me



I rub my eyes

Seeing a boy in a white disguise

Holding my hand out and to my surprise

He wrapped his cold hands in mine


His pale skin flushes a florid color

And I hear him slowly say

Out his mouth comes a great big wind

Come on, Let’s go play!


Into the land of ice and snow

I run after him in the cold cold cold

His flowing white hair with silver streaks

Shines upon the land that’s seems so bleak


Chasing him

I giggle and laugh

He makes little jokes with his flying staff

Little snow fairies surround my body

But when I blinked, the world went foggy


Rubbing the crystals out of my eyes

Looking for him all around

The world covered in snow

The people sleep and sound

Suddenly I see him

With eyes so blue and big

He skates across the air and back

Blanketing the world with his winter spirit.

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