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NFL Season Openers
NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Creating Halloween Costumes

by Harvind Japra and Yura Shin, staff reporters


Halloween is one of those holidays that cause people to either cram in Party City at the last minute, in hopes that their costume is not sold out, or get creative with ideas for “do it yourself costumes.” Here are a couple of ideas to help with creating the best trick or treating outfits:

Despicable Me Minion

Materials: A yellow tshirt, denim overalls or a blue tanktop and blue shorts, yellow leggings or yellow knee high socks, yellow headband, and nerd glasses.

Tinker Bell

Materials: two hangers , white tights, and A-line dress [green or white (dye it with green dye)], glue, a piece of cardboard, white paper, shoelaces, and scissors.

  1. The wings: Get two hangers and put them facing towards each others and glue the hooks of the hangers on top of each other.

  2. Cut the tights in half and wrap each side of the wings with the 2 pieces of tights. Glue it together to secure it.

  3. Measure the size of the hooks of the hangers and cut a piece of cardboard to wrap it around the hooks. Glue a piece of white paper on top of the cardboard and glue the cardboard around the hooks.

  4. Cut a shoelace in half. Glue all the edges onto the middle of the cardboard hooks. These will be the straps for the wings.

  5. Dress: If the dress chosen is not green. Dye it green and wait for it to dry. Afterwards, Cut the ends into small up and down neverending ‘w’ shapes for the bottoms.

  6. Tie the hair up in a bun, to get the best Tinker Bell inspired hairdo.

  7. Wear the outfit with white flats and maybe a belt to add more details.

Peter Pan

Materials: Green velvet fabric material, a cylinder cone, a feather, and brown belt.

1. Measure the shoulders from one end to another. This will be the width. For the length, measure from the shoulders to the desired length. (Knee length recommended)

2.Cut the fabric. (width x double the body length)

3. Fold the fabric over horizontally.

4. On the folded part, cut out a small semicircle in the middle for the area of where the head would go through.

5. With the leftover materials, wrap the around the cylinder cone to get an estimated size. Cut the material size accordingly. (The cut out should look almost like a triangle.)

6. Glue the material on the cone.

7. Glue the feather on the cone.

8. For better stability, get any type of string, and glue the string on one side of the cone and the opposite side of the cone.


Materials: White/ black long sleeved button down shirt, black pants,  white and black face paint, and lastly a black cape/sheet or laundry bag.

1. Start off by pairing the black pants with the desired color long sleeve button down and tucking it in all the way.

2: With white face paint, begin by painting the entire face white.

3: Next, with the black face paint, outline the eyes. To create a deadly effect, make thin black lines working their way inward to the cheekbones from the temples.

4. Wrap the chosen fabric around the neck and tie the corners together to secure it.

5. To add a little more of the vampire effect, try adding fake vampire teeth. (Can check the pharmacy or the local drugstore).

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