The Highlight #13 April 2018

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The Highlight #13 April 2018
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Anchors- Chloe Khan, Andrew Keblish
Reporter Myles Miller visits WJPS
Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Mullen- Jordan Shluker
In the neighborhood: Whitestone Lanes- Clarence Saunders
NYPD K9 Unit- Georgia Savaa
Water and fire experiment- Donald Johnston
Giovanna produces “The Highlight”- Shayan Karim
Weather forecast- Mariella Polito
Producer/Editor- Giovanna Esposito
Advisors- Ms. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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WJPS News switched from a monthly newspaper (named The Blazer) to an online convergent media site. Now, working with the school’s broadcast, The Highlight and the yearbook The Byline, we are hoping to bring the information for students to one place.