The Oasis at the Revolution

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The Oasis at the Revolution
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By: Robyn Landolfi, senior reporter

Greg Almeida & Hope Vista (VISTA) @ The Revolution Bar & Grill                                                  Photo Credit Anne Landolfi

On March 11, 2018, alternative rock band VISTA were joined by In Loving Memory, Airdate, This Crooked Home, The Everafter, and Maybe Later to bring the oasis to Long Island.

Doors to the Revolution opened at 4:30 pm and the show started at 5pm. Upon entering the bar and music hall one was faced with groups of people all talking and waiting in anticipation for the show to start as the d.j. played music to keep us all entertained.


The first band to take the stage was pop-punk band Maybe Later from Bellmore, New York.  Forming in 2016 it consisted of Joanna Viscuso (lead guitar), Sean Wilson (rhythm guitar), Eric Donaldson(bass/vocals) , Alex Romanelli (drums/vocals), Melissa Nyman (vocals). Their setlist included songs like Colour Red, MCG, and City of Alaro.


Next came pop-punk band The Everafter from Long Island, New York. Being the newest band to join the tour only starting this year it included, Danny Nugent (drums), Rich Rivera (guitar), Ryan Lare (bass),  and Cora Small (vocals). The band played songs off of their ep Whatever’s Bringing You Down. Some of the songs were Call It a Night, Altercations, and Sunny Disposition.


Soon after This Crooked Home a pop-punk band from Long Island, New York starting in 2016 took to the stage. The band was made up of members Chris Carlson(vocals), Nate Rose(guitar), Derek Sitler(guitar), Jon Pascualini (bass) and Joshua Dennis (drums). This show marked the release of their newest ep titled, Distance. Their set consisted of songs from the new ep such as Stuck in a Daydream, Out of Reach, and Never Learn.


Alternative rock band Airdate from Long Island, New York, was up next. Formed in 2005 by members Doug Del Gaudio (Vocals/Guitar);  Frank Cantasano (Bass); Stephen Forys (Drums); and Craig Oldham (Guitar). Their setlist included songs like When We Touch and Running. This was a special show for it was the last time they played under the name Airdate. The next day they made an announcement stating that they were changing their name to Stereo Electric.


The last band to take the stage before VISTA played was Pop/Metal band In Loving Memory, from Queens, New York. The band was created in 2014 by members Naveed Stone (vocals), Tom Diognardi (drums), and Vito Racanelli (guitar). Some of the songs they played were Nomad, Forthright, and Weathered off of their newest ep Introspective.

VISTA @ The Revolution Bar & Grill                                                      Photo Credit Anne Landolfi

Closing the show was main act VISTA an alternative rock band from Long Island, New York. Starting in 2015 the band is made up of members Hope Vista (vocals) and Greg Almeida (guitar). One thing that makes this band very unique is that they pride themselves in making sure all of their fans feel safe at their shows. Creating “The Oasis”as a safe haven for people who wish to be themselves in a safe and judgement free zone. Their set included songs from their latest ep Long Live, their older ep Versus, and two brand new songs. Some of those songs were Allegiance, Mansions, and Witch Hunt (new song).


The Oasis created by all of the bands was truly a sight to behold. Everyone at the concert were friendly and genuinely enjoyed themselves. Even if a person didn’t know a band they were still very supportive. The vibe you got just made you feel welcome and as if you were safe from all of your worries and stress. 

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