WJPS Students Showcasing their Talents

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WJPS Students Showcasing their Talents
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By Leah Tsambazis, staff reporter


December 22nd was the annual WJPS Winter Talent Show. Hosted by Mrs. Douvres and her Greek Club, the show once again was a great success.

Every year, the club creates an extravagant show spotlighting the hidden talent in our school. The show’s participants tend to stray towards to younger age spectrum, focusing on more middle schoolers than high school. This allows a new student to become known in our small WJPS family and make an appearance in front of their new classmates.

“The rest of the greek club and I have worked so hard to keep up with the standards of the past shows. We are so beyond thankful for all these talented students and faculty who were eager to demonstrate their passions”. Denise Amorgianos, 12th grade greek club president, expressed her excitement for the show before hand.

This year, like always, the talent was diverse; ranging from singing to dancing, and magic to many unexpected surprises. The crowd never fails to go wild when our WJPS staff takes the stage.

As opposed to previous years, the show took place at 1:00 pm, 7th and 8th period. Groups such as Step Team, Spirit Club, Mrs. Mills’ dance class, and Mr. Cross’ band performed, in addition to the just as attention grabbing solos and duets.

“I love that moment of shock when the curtains open and one of my students is standing there. To watch them be so amazing is the best feeling in the world.” Hayley Katz, Physics teacher, shared her appreciation for the annual show.

As the talent show continues to somehow progress year after year, this show certainly set high standards for the 2018 show to follow. What a perfect way to start off a happy holiday break for all students and staff.

Mr. Petrotta and Skylar Kleess performing “Waving Through The Window”. Photo by Serena Minca and Amanda Triantafellou

Spirit Club getting ready to perform. Photo by Serena Minca and Amanda Triantafellou

Music Enrichment club performing “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty. Photo by Serena Minca and Amanda Triantafellou

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