AP Test Tips

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AP Test Tips
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By: Cameron Casalta, senior reporter

Advanced Placement exams are quickly approaching. The first exam will be administered on May 7th, 2018.

Depending on what date you are taking your exam, most students have three months left to study for the AP exams.

This is a brief study guide to help AP students study in the final weeks before the exams and increase their chances for success.

Two Weeks Before the Exam(www.princetonreview.com)

Take practice tests and if possible use, past AP exam questions, as those will be the best predictors for what will be on the test: the way test questions are phrased and what content will be on the test.

Make sure to practice free response and multiple choice. This will expose you to question patterns and you will gain a large variety of knowledge about each type of question.

Practice discipline and take a three hour exam prior to the AP exam. You should try increasing mental and physical stamina to complete the exam in full.

Pinpoint your weaknesses and focus on them. Taking two practice tests would be ideal, but if you are short on time, only one is necessary for this:

The main idea is to look over the questions you answered incorrectly and look for patterns. Are you getting the same type of question wrong? Find the correct answer, on an answer sheet, in a prep book or online. Then practice that type of question until you get it right.

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