Technology taking over America’s “good” jobs

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Technology taking over America’s “good” jobs
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by Matthew Crespo, technology reporter


As technology makes a powerful impact in our everyday lives, it is also hurting the global employment rate. Additionally, it is hurting people who have a low level of computer savviness. Many jobs now require people to have high level skills in digital competence, as technology is taking over low level work. This might not seem like a problem now, but in the future there is a possibility that humans aren’t going to be needed anymore.

Many former technicians and industry workers are seeing technology take over jobs that people fight for. They are being replaced by machine operators that can be trained in less than a week, and don’t have to be paid or be given any medical benefits.

Senior, Peter Pshoulas stated, “ It’s a good thing for the corporations, but it’s a bad thing for people who are going to lose their jobs.”

Mr. Thompson, a well respected teacher at WJPS, shares about how he feels about robots taking over jobs. “ I think it’s a good in a way because it’s more efficient. There’s going to be a lot of people out of work which is not a good thing.”

95% of jobs could be automated now by using current technology, according to Mckinsey Global Institute. This means that only 5% actually need human help, which is intimidating to think about since the population is growing daily. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the amount of  jobs will increase by a mere 1.1% through 2026. This is nothing compared to how many people are going to need jobs in the near future. With big cooperates already moving to different countries, U.S employment has to be in a scare.

However, there is still hope for many jobs. In certain jobs employment is expected to increase over the next couple of years, including sound engineering technicians, police, firefighters, first line supervisors, registered nurses, real-estate agents, pilots, and flight attendants. This shows that jobs that you can get without a high degree are probably going to be taken over by different technological gadgets.

Many Jobs are at stake, and many more will be in the near future. This shows how people have to go after high level jobs and not low pay jobs.

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