Champions League Final Preview: Juventus vs. Real Madrid

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Champions League Final Preview: Juventus vs. Real Madrid
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by Sebastian Porras, staff reporter

The Champions League final will be played in Cardiff, Wales June 3rd at the Millennium Stadium.

The final will be between Juventus and Real Madrid. Juventus has been to the Champions League final eight times in the club’s career, and has won the competition two times. For Real Madrid, this is their 15th time in a Champions League final. This is the most for any other club in soccer history. The last time these two teams met in a final was in 1998 in Germany, where Real won 1-0 against the Italian club Juventus. It’s been 21 years since Juventus won the competition, since they won against AFC Ajax in 1996.

This will be an interesting matchup, considering Juventus has only conceded three times in this year’s Champions League, the fewest amount this year. Juventus’ defense has been credited as the best in Europe. Their backline of four is almost impenetrable. With the defensive rocks of Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, top teams almost have no chance of getting through.

“Their defense is very solid, and unstoppable.”-Jhancarlos Carpio, 10th grader said.

As for Real Madrid, they have conceded in every Champions League game except for one, which was against Atletico Madrid. Although the defense of Real Madrid is shaky, they have been consistent with scoring and assisting. The flanks of Real have been impeccable this season. With both Marcelo on the left and Dani Carvajal on the right, they have been a driving force filled with assists and goals.

The defense of Juventus may be the best in Europe, but Real Madrid’s midfield may win them the title. With the skill and drive of Luka Modric, the precise passing of Toni Kroos, and the defensive capability of Casemiro, Real Madrid dominates the midfield. These three midfielders have been credited as the best midfield in the world. If Real Madrid keeps long amounts of possession in the midfield, the team has the power to dictate the game.

“Their offense is spectacular, they have increased chances, and their midfield maked the team special. Modric and Kroos dominate.” -Madrid admirer ,Robert Mcdonald, 10th grade stated.

This will also be a big game for Cristiano Ronaldo, who has nine goals this Champions League season. He will be needed the most here against a strong Juve defense. For the reigning Ballon D’Or winner, the pressure will be on him to score. If the midfield and Ronaldo connect, goals will be scored. Juventus doesn’t have the midfield that Real has, and their bench isn’t the best; what they lack is depth in the squad, so it will be interesting to see how they line up and which midfielders they will put on the field.


All in all, Juventus has the defensive capabilities to keep out Real Madrid long enough so that eventually spaces will open up for counter-attacks and eventually score. For Real Madrid, the midfield needs to take control of the midfield and feed their attackers the ball to score. This will be two super clubs battling each other for the most prestigious club trophy, the Champions League.




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