The Highlight #23 May 2017

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The Highlight #23 May 2017
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The Highlight #23 May 2017 from WJPS on Vimeo.

Anchors- Noah Levine and Medina Surajpal
Fidget Spinner- Kristine Vicente
Waxing Vs. Threading- Melanie Piansky
Quinceanera- Abigail Amastal
Videographer: Lazaro Cuantecos/Photographer: Arnold Moreno
Wrestling Universe- Andrew Keblish
Northshore Farms- Tyler Toledo
Mile Run- Beatrice Igboekwe
GSA Club- Daniel Dougherty
Community Breakfast- Maxwell Smith
Weather Forecast- Mikayel Baburyan
Show Editors/Producers- Giovanna Esposito, Melanie Piansky
Technical Coordinator- Tyler Toledo
Advisers- Ms. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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