Community gathers for leadership breakfast

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Community gathers for leadership breakfast
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by Vivian Chang and Esther Animalu, news editor and staff reporter

Community members gathered for a leadership community service breakfast to come together as one and introduce the school to local community members, in order to gain more prominence.

Community members were invited to attend a leadership breakfast on April 7th. They were introduced to the school and other local community members. Photo attribution to Emily Campos.

The breakfast was held on April 7th. Dr. Werner spoke about the mission of the school. Mr. Petrotta and Ms. Poulos spoke about the statistics of the school, including graduation rates and the universities that the alumni have been admitted into.

“We’re a family, I’m able to talk, collaborate and share information with my team of staff members, in order to expand our school to new horizons,” principal Dr. Werner said.

The PTA announced the naming of the scholarship, Cynthia K. Schneider Founders Scholarship. It rewards one student in every graduating class for the extensive community service hours completed.

“I am so honored and thrilled. It’s lovely because I know in the future my name will be connected and the legacy will continue,” former principal Ms. Schneider said.

Community born people, current community members, parents, and politicians were welcomed. Among the attendees were council member Paul Vallone, senator Tony Avella, news reporter Wendy Gillette, and many more.

“Making the choice that you made to come to this journalism school is much more important because you come with a foundation of journalism, you can combat the fake news by coming here to study journalism,” council member Paul Vallone said.

Council member Paul Vallone presented a proclamation to the school while senator Tony Avella handed down a prestigious award to Dr. Werner, in order to acknowledge the development and beneficial progress of the school.

At the end, students from publications classes got to interview attendees for their stories.

“This is a show and display of the great work done by students and highlights all the hard work done on a day to day basis,” NYC Department of Education field support Rashaun Banjo said.

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