Trump Bathroom Restriction

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Trump Bathroom Restriction
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by Jeremy Mosesson, staff reporter

Donald Trump’s effort to revert Title IX has sparked controversy and debates all around the world. Photo attribution to WCN427

Donald Trump reverted Title IX, a federal law that former President Barack Obama passed in efforts to ban sexual discrimination in school. This process occurred on February 22nd and have caused a plethora of opinions.

Former lead singer of Black Flag, Henry Rollins, said through an email, “I think that legislation, like House Bill 2 in North Carolina will become more frequently utilized in some states. The current presidential administration will throw a lot of cover to these governors. I just hope enough good people stand up.’’

“It’s nobody’s business what bathroom people want to go in; this shouldn’t be a big deal,” senior Anthony Grimando said.

House Bill 2 eliminated anti-discrimination laws for lesbian, gay, and transgender people; for example, in government buildings, the individual has to use bathrooms based on the sex that corresponded with the one on their birth certificates.

Opposing party, senior Anthony Rolleri said, “What’s stopping some weirdo from ‘identifying’ as the other gender and like going in there and raping somebody?”

Many people are split on the decision Donald Trump made, many believing that he and his actions are incendiary while others believe that he has and will ‘make America great again.’

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