Fashion Club cooks dinner for Ronald McDonald residents

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Fashion Club cooks dinner for Ronald McDonald residents
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by Melissa Chen, fact checker

Fashion Club members will be cooking dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald house on Friday, March 31st. Members of the Fashion Club have done this previously.

Ms. Ginger and Fashion Club members cooking dinner at The Ronald McDonald House December 2016. Photo attribution to Kay Kim.

The purpose of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is to keep families close to their sick children and give them the care and resources needed.

RMHC has collected over 200 million dollars through donation boxes and has served more than seven million children and families.

“The purpose of this trip is to cook for and support underprivileged families. I’ve volunteered for one of these and it feels amazing to help. Seeing how happy they are and that someone cares about them is heartwarming,” Fashion Club president Nicole Stemmler said.

In the past, club members made rice and chicken with chickpeas, salad, and brownies. This year, they will be making shrimp and salad. For dessert, they are using box mixed, such as brownies or cake.


Featured image attribution to Kay Kim.

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