Plane crashes in Southern California; survivor found in bedroom

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There was a plane crash in Southern California on February 28. One of the survivors was found inside a bedroom of the house. Photo attribution to CNN.

by Melissa Chen, fact checker

Two out of five passengers survived a plane crash in Southern California. The plane was heading back back from a cheerleading conference in Disneyland on February 27th.

“If a plane crashed in my neighborhood, I’ll probably leave the area and find a new home. It’s a sad event especially if it were to happen to someone I know or me,” junior Andrew Keblish said.

One survivor was found in the bedroom of a house while the other survivor was found near the crash site. Both are in critical condition.

The plane crashed into a house which caught on fire. The fire destroyed two houses and two others had minor damages. No residents were injured but a few were relocated.

“This is supposedly a happy time and then just to have a tragic incident like this, and into one of these Riverside residences, it’s really a sad case for us,” Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore said.

A team from National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the scene. Determining a cause for the crash can take more than 18 months.

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