Schools closed on Pi day

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Schools closed on Pi day
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by Vivian Chang, news editor

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that schools will be closed tomorrow March 14th, Pi day, as a result of the blizzard warning. This will be New York’s second snow day of the school year.

Winter snow storm, Stella, will affect eight Northeast states, including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Residents in those areas are expecting 12 to 18 inches of snow.

“I think it’s convenient for the mayor to close schools because my parents wouldn’t be able to drive through the snow and the transportation system will make it harder for students to commute to school on time,” senior Adriana Loh said.
Meteorologists predict that snow will fall at a rate of one to two inches per hour. Stay warm and productive students!

Featured image in courtesy of Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s Twitter.

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