Black history is my history

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Black history is my history
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by Janae Kea, feature editor


The history of my people will be celebrated this month

Everything my brothers and sisters died for

All the adversity they had to confront


I remember them everyday

And the paths they set for me

I promise to never let them down

And always be the best I can be


To be black in this world

You must be brave

You must take pride in your culture

And never be afraid


We all know this world is cold

And very evil too

But like my mother once said

‘It’s up to you on what to do’


So I stand tall with my fist in the air

And I vow to continue to march on

Even if people stare


I think of those who lost their lives

I say their names loud

And with all my might

And remember how they marched for our freedom

They marched for our right


We cannot forget

The history of our people

And we cannot forget

We still have to fight to be seen equal


But come now, let’s celebrate

Let’s bathe in glory

All this black excellence

Let’s tell their stories


Let’s tell them what we invented

And everything we did

How proud we are

Of our beautiful black skin


Let’s not be proud for just today

Let’s be proud everyday in every way

And thank our brothers and sisters for leading the way

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