How to fight off senioritis

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How to fight off senioritis
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by Natasha Silva, staff reporter

Senioritis is laziness and general disinterest personified.

A general sluggishness is felt when any work needs to be done, and a sense of disinterest meets any outcome. Senioritis affects all aspects of a person’s life. Most seniors affected by senioritis sport the hoodie and sweatpants combo, showing their lack of interest in their appearances. It becomes a black hole that sucks in the individual’s work ethic and determination. They don’t even realize it has a grasp on them, yet once they do, it’s too late to fix the damage it has already caused. As they get closer to the end goal, seniors often slow down.

“It’s definitely a thing, I’ve had students with freshmanitis,” math teacher Mr. Gardner said.

Senioritis is defined as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance”.

“It’s a real phenomenon, don’t be fooled,” senior Jennifer Molina said.

Many seniors will use senioritis to explain their sudden case of laziness and lack of motivation.

“I’ve had it since freshman year. I’ve been so unmotivated,” senior Anthony Rolleri said.  

Here are some ways seniors can fight off a bad case of senioritis:

  1. Start assignments early.

Give yourself time to complete your work. This allows you to take your time. Doing so will help prevent procrastination in completing essays, packets, and projects the night before.

  1. Stay organized.

It’s easy to reach the point where your locker and room resemble a nuclear disaster. Write everything down and don’t rely on your memory. Use your planner. De-junk the drawers. Remember keeping everything organized keeps your head in the game.

  1. Show up.

Even if you feel like it’s a waste of time, go to school because attendance can ruin a fun vacation with summer school.

  1. Sleep.

Try to get eight hours of sleep. It’s hard to stay awake in class when you spend all night binge watching Netflix. According to findings from Healthline, sleep can help you focus and strengthen your memory.

  1. Remember the main goal: GRADUATION

You’re almost done, don’t ruin it. Your grades still matter! Do the work because if the fourth year was hard, a fifth year will be harder.

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