The Highlight #14 February 2017

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The Highlight #14 February 2017
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The Highlight #14 February 2017 from WJPS on Vimeo.

Anchors- Julia DiMarcello, Noah Levine
Early Dismissal Program- Jenna Moreno
In The Classroom: DNA Extraction Lab- Samantha Messemer
Student Spotlight: Mateo Lizcano- Kayla Morell
In The Classroom: GMO vs. Organic Garlic Bulbs- Cleo Zhang
Career Spotlight: Andy Savva, Neal Reich- Mariah Santiago
Do You Know?: Valentine’s Day- Nazeer Hashimi
Weather Forecast- Olivia Tyka
Show Editors/Producers- Kayla Morell, Samantha Messemer
Advisers- Ms. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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