Francis Lewis Places 1st in Queens Borough Championships

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Francis Lewis Places 1st in Queens Borough Championships
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by Harrison Yeung, contributing reporter


 Victory is accomplished for Francis Lewis High School’s track team as they score 1st place in the Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) 5k races at the Queens Borough Championships for cross country.

    On October 29th, the Queens Borough Championships of cross country took place in the Bronx at Vancourlandt Park. Public school track teams from all over Queens prepare their run to win the trophy of “Best in Queens 2016 Cross Country”. This is a fine accomplishment for any team and the preparation, for the 5k races require tough mentality, strong teamwork, physical training, and the “will to win”.

  Since the beginning of cross country practice on August 26th, Francis Lewis held various workouts to prepare for borough champs. From improving physical shape with devious 1-mile repeats to sprinting up hills at Kissena Park. Track practices occur twice everyday: 10:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. These doubleday practices prepare both existing track members and newcomers, who are mostly freshmen, to prepare for Queens Borough Champs.

“We haven’t had doubleday practices since last last year… Coach is being more strict with the team this year.” states Mike Hua.

   Developmental track meets, such as the Grand Prix meets were available throughout September to November for PSAL school participants for runners to compete against each other. There are five Grand Prix meets at Cunningham Park as well as Marty Lewis Borough Challenge and Group Run at Vancourlandt Park With Queens Borough Championships on the way, schools practice and compete in these developmental meets.

   The results of Queens Borough Championships are calculating the team with at least five members competing in an event (Varsity or Junior Varsity). The team with the least amount of points will be victorious. The competitors must follow the 5k trail they have practiced to avoid disqualification. The placement of each runner is very crucial. The runner will receive the amount of points based on their placing in the entire event. (Ex. first place runner will receive one point, 104th place runner will receive 104 points). These points are added to the runner’s school they represent.


   The final results for the Varsity event:

  1. Francis Lewis: 53 total points
  2. Metropolitan Campus: 67 total points
  3. Bayside High School: 80 total points
  4. Townsend Harris: 105 total points


    The final results for the Junior Varsity event:

  1. Francis Lewis: 32 total points
  2. Metropolitan Campus: 44 total points
  3. Townsend Harris: 89 total points
  4. Bayside High School: 108 total points

Queens Borough Championships had a strong ending with the trophies.


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