The Highlight #10 December 2016

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The Highlight #10 December 2016
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The Highlight #10 December 2016 from WJPS on Vimeo.

Anchors- Kristy Tineo, Jordan Shluker
Career Spotlight: Marina Kote, Jay Dow- Mariah Santiago
In The Classroom: English as a New Language- Kamalpreet Kaur
Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Katz (Math for America)- Komal Ashrafi
Student Spotlight: Naomi Parris- Mikey Riera
WJPS Fashion Club- Kristine Vicente
Fashion Club visits the Ronald McDonald House- Renee Choong
Holiday traditions- Anthony Grimando
Holiday tree shopping- Maxwell Smith
Rockefeller Center in December- Jenna Moreno
Holiday lip dub- Edona Mema and Denise Amorgianos
Weather Forecast- Nicolle Montanez
Email us- Pedro Maldonado
Show Editors/Producers- Renee Choong, Daniel Dougherty
Advisers- Ms. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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