The Highlight #6 November 2016

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The Highlight #6 November 2016
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The Highlight #6 November 2016 from WJPS on Vimeo.

Anchors- Renee Choong, Dilin Budhu
WJPS Mock Presidential Election- Tydian Sylla
WJPS political panel on NHK Japan News
Journalist Chris Shearn visits- Kayla Morell
Cross country track meet- Mike Hua
Mr. Myrtil’s Tech Team- Mohammed Shah
Weather Forecast- Serine Aouchiche
Show Editors/Producers- Adriana Loh, Mohammed Shah
Advisers- Mrs. Shields, Mr. Christopulos

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WJPS News switched from a monthly newspaper (named The Blazer) to an online convergent media site. Now, working with the school’s broadcast, The Highlight and the yearbook The Byline, we are hoping to bring the information for students to one place.