2015-2016 Senior Staff, Arts No Comments on Fearless 30
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by Jason Ruiz, staff reporter

Fear of men.
Fear of loss.
Fear of death.
Fear of risk.
Fear of the truth.
Fear of commitment.
Fear of pain.
Fear of restriction.
Fear of ridicule.
Fear of misery.
Fear of failure.

I don’t fear men.
It’s human nature for people to hate ya.
Lost one but the door keeps opening.
Mortality limited but my mind is limitless.
The unknown so take a risk, it’s a hit or miss.
Rejected, loved, some people scared of commitment.
Cause we can’t find real until we realize.
That players are just liars in disguise.
Judgmental the fundamentals of being ridiculed.
Prove them wrong and fight through the failure.
You’re no disappointment, your success is already tailored.
Life is full of misery find your joy.
Just wipe off the pain.
Don’t fear the truth better knowing than lie in a full of lies.
That’s a mistake.
Don’t fear I.
For I am a voice.
I want to guide you to success even if it is your hand I have to hold.
Don’t fear rejection.
Did I forget to mention, it’s a lesson learned that you don’t need acceptance to be who you are.
In God’s eyes we are all stars.
In my eyes you are what you are.
Don’t fear pain, let it wash away in the rain.
Dry your eyes, no need to cry.
It’s moments like these where we see our own reflection.
We all fear.
That’s our enemy, we need to find peace in mind and you’ll find enlightenment.
We live through death without knowing.
We feel the pain but we’re still holding.
Don’t feel miserable you are capable of feeling joy.
Don’t be scared to fail.
This is your stepping stone to success.
And be blessed.
Wisdom comes from experience.
Failure makes up wisdom.
So be wise.
Do not fear, for you are here.
You know who you are.
You know what you fear.
Be aware of what is going on and you won’t be scared.
Know what you fear so you’ll be able to defy it.
Know the truth – you won’t stumble on a lie.
Break chains – no restriction understand you are limitless.
Fill your life with joyous things and you won’t feel emptiness..
And You’ll be able to conquer anything if you don’t deny.
They’re are set backs like when people you care die.
They’ll leave a piece of them with you.
like how I want to leave a piece of me with you.
Mortal beings with immortal meanings.
Do not fear of death.

No need to fear men for they are dust.
Fear of losing will hinder what it is to gain.
The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies.
Please don’t feed your fears otherwise you won’t have room for dreams.
Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.
Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from realizing your dreams.
Because everything you want is on the other side of fear.
The biggest fear restricts the biggest growth.
We may fear but we’ll overcome.
I know that you and I will become fearless.


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