The Highlight #21 May 2016

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The Highlight #21 May 2016
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The Highlight #21 May 2016 from WJPS on Vimeo.

Anchors-Maryanne Dominguez, Luka Jakic
Poetry Slam-Josabell Vinas
Yearbook Promo-Caitlyn Reid, Melanie Liapis
Sports Night Sights and Sounds-Kaila Pulley, Tommy Mastoras
Benefits of Tea-Rosalyn Ng, Sady Franco
SAT Word of the Week-Justin Raclaw
Weather Forecast-Hope Ki
Show Producer/Show Editor-Brendon Muniz
Associate Producer-Kayla Morell
Chief Editor-Yareth Daniel
Chief Photographer-Keith Read
Advisers-Mr. Christopulos, Mrs. Shields

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