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Starting From Scratch

by Da Hae Jung, staff reporter

All of New York residents were warned a week ahead of time that Hurricane Sandy, also called “franken” storm was supposed to hit. But people didn’t take Hurricane Sandy seriously at first because of past inaccuracies New York resident had about the hurricanes, which caused people to feel as if hurricane Sandy was going to have such effect on New York, just like the hurricane Irene until it actually hit New York.

How it all started
On October 29th, the winds blew strongly and rained harder and harder. As time passed by, the storm got stronger and scared the people who were in their homes.
“I was really anxious and scared because there were a lot of trees around my house and while hurricane Sandy was occurring the trees were swinging around because of the harsh wind,” a sophomore Harvind Japre said.
Many people, not only Harvind were anxious and scared because during the hurricane, most stayed home watching and waiting to see what will actually happen. It was like playing hide and seek with the hurricane for them to not get caught and get their house damaged.
As the “franken” storm viciously approached New York, and other regions, it knocked down many power lines and trees that were in its path and showed the enormous power it had to the people in the Tri-state area. This was a new experience that the New York residents had, and even if it was a new experience, they did not enjoy it because it left so many damages behind and let many lose everything.

Rewinding back in time
“It gave me time to think over the memories and all the things that I did without technology,” a sophomore Yura Shin said.
Through this scary experience 50 out of 100 people said that they did think back to all the memories that they had since they had to stay home for so long and had nothing to do, which gave them time to think. Technology took away people’s thoughts because they were so caught up with talking to their friends through their electronics and to go on facebook, tumblr, and other social network sites.
Although, by the hurricane Sandy occurring, many people lost their connection with the outside world because they did not have any powers to use their phones or to go outside to figure out what was actually going on. But this gave them opportunity to stay home, and time to go back to the old times to stay home and relax and read, and actually be able to talk to their family

“Many people were hurt physically, but they were hurt even more spiritually,” 9th grade English teacher Mrs.Marks said.
According to New York Times, there were 132 deaths in the United States, and from those deaths 43 were from New York City. This showed how serious that the hurricane affected in our living by making us stuck in our house for several days. Jersey shore, and Atlantic City was completely ruined and destroyed, and many other regions such as Connecticut, Long Island, and New Jersey were damaged severely. According to New York Times, more than 300,000 housing units were damaged or destroyed.
It took more than a week for some places to get their power back, and some still do not have any power, or houses left. The only thing that is left for people who lost everything is, their family, and their hope of gaining everything back as possible.       According to New York Times, federal officials approved for housing assistance to more than 45,000 families and President Obama plans to ask Congress for about $50 billion in emergency spending to help rebuild the states ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Everyone gathering together and asking for help shows that New York and other regions that were affected was working as a union to solve problems faster and letting it be able to the regions that were affected to come back to normal as soon as possible.
For New York and other regions that were damaged to come back as it used to be, it will take some time, since there are so many damages that the hurricane Sandy left behind for the people like us to clean up. But time flies by, and the hurricane seems to have given many people to have time to think while they were stuck at their houses and for them to start things from scratch. There are many organization helping those who are in need, and now the President asked for emergency spending, which everyone hopes to get it soon so they can spend their holidays and rest of their year happily.

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