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Joseph Kony is too famous by Nisaa Haniff, copy editor

Making Kony famous was the main goal of the group Invisible Children. They consider themselves everyday people who using the power of media to inspire young people to help their cause: to end the longest running armed conflict in Africa.
But is it really real? Featured on a YouTube channel called ‘slubogo’, a teenage Ugandan girl made a video defying the claims in the video made by the Invisible Children. According to slubogo, Kony has been dead for 6 years.
“I don’t believe that video,” said senior Michael Dadic. “I think it’s something she did for publicity so she could get her name of the map. I could make a chart, put any info I want on it and call it factual.”
Jason Russell, the creator of the “KONY 2012” video was recently arrested for yelling incoherently and disrupting traffic in San Diego, while naked. “I feel like he let that organization down because a lot of people trusted him,” said sophomore Nikitas Troumouhis.

According to, he was detained and taken by police to a medical facility for evaluation. He was also claimed to be under the influence of alcohol.

“I believe that the whole Joseph Kony thing is fake. According to many rumors, the president of Uganda said that Kony has been inactive for many years. I also think it was just a publicity stunt. Now I’m not believing it even more after seeing the guy who made the video get arrested for public intoxication and nudity,” said senior Christian Segura.
The claims by Musevini have raised a conflict as interviews with Kony have been conducted this year, post-KONY 2012.
In these interviews, Joseph Kony claims he is fighting for freedom. Kony claims that the LRA is a group of freedom fighters.
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been the president of Uganda since 1986. It has been said that Kony abducts children, turns them into child soldiers and has them kill their parents and mutilate other people.
“That is not true. That is propaganda which Museveni made,” Kony said in his interview with journalist Sam Farmar. “That is propaganda, which Musveni is playing. I don’t have any children here.”
“I personally believe that the whole Kony thing was a scam that allowed the US to have an excuse to go into Africa and try to ‘capture Kony’ when we all really know they just want the oil,” said junior Brittany Morley.
Kony is very much alive, but is he a warlord or a misunderstood man fighting for freedom?

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