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May 16, 2024

Secrets Revealed: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

by Sabrina Kanavatsas, staff reporter

On Sunday morning, Katherine met up with Chris at the roller rink in the afternoon. Chris was working but she had the day off. It happens pretty often when Katherine isn’t working but she still comes to hangs out at the rink. Around 3 pm, Patrick came and was greeted by Katherine. She brought him to the office where Chris and Dill were hanging out. Dill is Chris’s younger brother, who is shorter than Chris, but taller than Katherine. He’s stocky build and has a personality that isn’t liked by many, because of his sometimes rude behavior and comments. However, he is still a close friend to Katherine.

Patrick hung out with his new friends for a while, but started getting bored. Katherine and him decided to go walk to the mall, which was about four miles away. On their walk, they went back to the discussion of how they met and spoke about Willow.

Apparently, ever since the night at the arcade, she’s been very rude to both Katherine and Patrick. She’s been making up lies to get attention such as having to deal with the death of a close family member. However, they discovered that it was just a lie. Since Patrick knew that Willow was not telling the truth, he didn’t give much empathy to her when she tried to talk about it with him. This frustrated her and later led to the reason she gave him her final goodbye.

Patrick was surprisingly happy of the fact that he didn’t have to deal with Willow anymore. He didn’t have to deal with her constant mood swings, controlling nature, and all her lies and conceitedness. However, she took out this anger of losing her friend to Katherine, so she began texting her.

You’ll never believe what Patrick just said to me. He’s so messed up and now I’m done with him. I’m never talking to him again! Willow wrote.

Sorry to hear that. Katherine replied unenthusiastically.

You promise you don’t have his number and that you don’t hang out with him?

Yea I promise. I haven’t spoken to him since the arcade and I don’t plan on it.


Katherine clearly lied about that. Not only did she say she didn’t have his number, but she even said she hasn’t seen him since the arcade. Meanwhile, they were walking to the mall during the conversation. Patrick and Katherine both joked around about how Willow is ‘crazy’ and how glad they are for not being friends with her anymore. Katherine is slowly trying to lose touch with her. She prefers to end their friendship immediately, but if she suddenly stops talking to her, Willow would find out about her and Patrick being friends.

When they got to the mall, they were exhausted so they decided to sit down for a little. After a couple of minutes, they got up and began walking around. Shockingly, they both liked and went into the same stores. They were surprised at the fact that they both had the same kind of interests. As they continued walking, they found another furniture store, one similar to the one they went to by the arcade. They went in and tried to find the most comfortable seats. Pretty quickly, they found their ideal chairs. While sitting on them, they discussed how they didn’t feel like going home and wanted to continue hanging out. That’s when Katherine had the idea to invite Patrick for a sleepover at her house.

Patrick quickly called his dad and asked if he can. The answer was yes. Katherine then called Chris and Dill if they wanted to sleepover too, and they also agreed. Chris and Dill slept over Katherine’s house pretty often, so it was no surprise that they were able to come. Katherine usually hangs out with her friends in her basement, which is decorated as a hang out room. It is almost as if it is Katherine’s own space, since her mom and sister don’t come down. This is mostly why her friends enjoy coming over and come as often as they do.

The rest of the night was pretty calm. The boys were playing video games while Katherine was watching and planning her 18th birthday party, which was coming up very soon. Before they knew it, it was morning and Katherine had to take Chris and Dill to work. They stopped at a local Mcdonald’s shortly for some breakfast, and then continued the 25 minute drive to work. Patrick agreed to stay there with them for the rest of the day and stay for the teen night session, which was later on in the night.

The day was calm and went by quickly, and as it continued, the sky darkened. It was time for the night session, which Katherine was working. All of Chris’s, Dill’s, and Katherine’s friends who can rollerblade were there as always, and were all introduced to Patrick. Katherine gave Patrick a pair of her old skates and he put them on. He then went out to the rink with Dill to get his first rollerblading lessons. In the meantime, Katherine was helping the customers by giving them skates, when suddenly she heard a familiar voice call out her name. She looked up, and was shocked to see Willow.

Katherine attempted to give her a friendly greeting, despite all the new hatred she had for Willow. She tried to not mention the fact that she was friends with Patrick and invited him for a sleepover. However, Willow seemed concerned and depressed. She began talking to Katherine and telling her about her week, which in Willow’s eyes, was overwhelmingly depressing. One problem in specific that stood out to Katherine was the fact that Patrick was now ignoring Willow, after an argument they had in which Patrick was very rude. Little did Katherine know, Patrick was in the same building as she was.

Katherine tried to rush the conversation to an end so Willow can leave before she bumps into Patrick. She made excuses such as her boss was getting mad and such, but Willow refused to leave. Then, the worst happened. Patrick came out of the rink to speak to Katherine and Willow saw him. Her face suddenly went from being depressed to shock and confusion, and then quickly to anger.

“What is he doing here? What’s going on?” Willow frantically questioned.

“I don’t know, I didn’t know he was here,” Katherine replied.

“Yes you do, you guys are friends, aren’t you? How could you lie to me like this?”

Patrick quickly interrupted Willow and before Katherine can say anything said,“Yes we are friends. I slept over her house last night too and then invited me to come here. You and I are not friends anymore, so do us all a favor and leave!”

Willow was in shock of this rude comment by Patrick. Tears quickly started to pour down her face as her breathing became erratic. She began walking to the door but then stopped right in front of it. She turned around and looked at Patrick and Katherine in the eyes for what felt like hours, but was really just for a few seconds. She wiped her tears and her face went back to anger.

“You two have destroyed the last bit of happiness I had left. I can’t believe you guys! I’ll make sure you guys feel the same way I do!” Willow sobbingly yelled.

Willow then opened the door, turned back and spit on the floor, and then slammed the door behind her as she stormed away. Patrick and Katherine both looked at each other in shock of what happened, and then began laughing. They thought that seeing Willow as destroyed as she was and react like that about the concept of them hanging out and finding them was hilarious. They told their friends about what happened and they began to laugh with them. Neither Patrick nor Katherine took what Willow said seriously since they thought it was funny. They merely disregarded it.

As the night ended and customers were leaving, the workers were cleaning up the rink to make sure there was no garbage or mess anywhere. While they were doing that, Patrick gave Katherine company. They joked about how Willow reacted, and they imitated her distressed reaction. Chris and Dill then came and joked around with them. Then, Katherine invited the 3 of them to come sleepover her house again. After a short phone call each of them made to their parents, they all agreed. They left at nearly midnight that night.

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