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Coachella 2024
Coachella 2024
May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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NFL Draft Recap
May 17, 2024

Secrets Revealed: Chapter 2

Secrets Revealed: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

by Sabrina Kanavatsas, staff reporter

After a half an hour drive, they all arrived at the arcade. However, they showed up an hour late. By the time Willow found her friend inside the arcade, she was getting ready to leave for dinner with the rest of the party. After some small talk, her friend left the arcade and left Willow, Kevin, Patrick, and Katherine by themselves.

Everyone was a bit confused at first, but eventually started planning what they were going to do next. They decided to go have dinner at the arcade and play games after. They all agreed for an appetizer of pigs in a blanket and pizza bites. Kevin chose chicken fingers for his main course, and Willow had a sort of pasta. Katherine and Patrick at first didn’t want to get anything, but soon changed their minds after Willow offered to pay. They chose a hearty mac and cheese to share.

No one really spoke to each other throughout the meal since no one was properly introduced. However, that quickly changed when the paycheck came. Kevin was trying to figure out the bill, while Willow was counting the money. After noticing this, Katherine made a joke of how Kevin and Willow look like husband and wife and her and Patrick could pass for their children. That quickly started conversation between Patrick and Katherine as they joked around about being siblings, which continued throughout the night.

After the bill was paid, they all continued into the arcade room and bought a game card to share. Patrick gave in $15 to pitch in to Willow. Then, she walked away with Kevin to pay for the card. In the meantime, Patrick and Katherine continued to be amused with the fact of how they looked like a family. They decided that while “their parents” were paying for the card, that they will go hide and see if they could find them.

They quickly ran off towards the back of the arcade, near the basketball hoops, and tried to blend in with a big crowd. However, Kevin and Willow didn’t seem to be looking for them. After a while, Patrick and Katherine went around the arcade to look for them. When they found them, Willow seemed very moody. She constantly rolled her eyes at Patrick and Katherine, and kept running away from them with the game card. This agitated Katherine and Patrick so they left and tried to avoid Willow and Kevin. As they were walking around, and Patrick was upset about the fact that he just lost $15, they found a game card in one of the games that someone forgot about. They took it and played with the card until it ran out.

After playing, they cooled down and tried to find Willow and Kevin, but after finding and seeing that Willow was still being rude, they decided to leave the arcade and venture around the mall.

By that time, it was around 8pm. Katherine and Patrick walked outside and saw a furniture store next door. They thought it would be funny to go in and sit on the furniture, so they went in. However, as soon as they entered, they noticed that it was extremely quiet. It was a very large store and people were in there, but it seemed as if a pin dropped on the other side of the store, it would still be heard.

They looked at the furniture and tried to find the most comfortable chair. As they were walking around the store, they suddenly heard music. They both turned their heads to find a carousel in the hallway of the mall. They quickly sprinted to it and saw that it was just about to start again. Katherine paid for Patrick and herself in quarters, and then they went on. Regretfully, they chose to sit on the part that related to the spinning teacups. They began spinning it as the carousel began. However, as it started, they remembered that they just ate. It was too late at that point to stop the ride, so they decided to continue it and regret it later.

After the carousel was over, they ran off and up the escalators. The rest of the mall seemed nearly deserted.There were not many stores in that mall since it was supposed to close down in a couple of months, so the few stores that were still open barely had anyone in them. After walking around for a few minutes, they left the mall and began walking around the area.

It all seemed to be going well, until Willow called Katherine, concerned.

“Where are you guys? Why would you just leave?” Willow exclaimed.

“You were being rude and Patrick and I didn’t want to deal with it.”

After a while, Katherine agreed to meet by the car and head home. By this time it was around 9:30 at night and Patrick and Katherine really started becoming friends. They exchanged numbers and decided that they wanted to continue hanging out through the night.

After meeting back up with Willow and Kevin, Katherine asked if they can drop them off at a friend’s neighborhood. Katherine had called her friend Chris and asked if he wanted to hang out. Despite of how late it was, he agreed. However, both Katherine and Patrick were acting very secretive and were not giving any details about what they did or what they were going to do later. Willow was concerned to leave Patrick and Katherine alone together somewhere, and was even more concerned of the fact that they were just alone together.

In the car, Willow was messaging Katherine and telling her how she didn’t want Katherine and Patrick talking.

What were you doing with him? Willow wrote.

Nothing we were just hanging out, Katherine replied

I feel weird about you guys talking. I’m just saying. I don’t wanna lose him, that’s my main concern.

How will you lose him?

If he starts liking you…

How? We are just friends and we didn’t even exchange numbers, Katherine wrote, however that was clearly a lie.

Idk, I feel like he’s going to end up liking you and he will be mean to me.

He won’t, don’t worry about it, Katherine desperately explained.

Soon enough, Kevin dropped Katherine and Patrick off at a fast food restaurant. Willow came in to use the bathroom, and then hugged both Patrick and Katherine goodbye in the parking lot. The hug seemed long but Willow felt as if it was necessary, as if she was never going to see them as her friends again. She soon walked back to Kevin’s car and drove away. Patrick and Katherine giggled as they drove off and left the parking lot. They found the night to be amusing. Their similar tastes in humor helped them bond even more. As their laughing ceased, they continued their way out of the parking lot and toward where they were going to meet up with their friend, Chris.

Patrick and Katherine met up with Chris at a nearby corner. Chris is very tall and thin with dark hair and wore glasses. He has a humorous personality and and seems to always be cheerful. They spent the next 3 hours walking around. Luckily, the weather was not too cold or too warm, it was on the cool side. They discussed what happened that night to Chris, and he agreed with them that she was wrong. They all parted their different ways at midnight and agreed to hang out again tomorrow at the roller rink that Chris and Katherine worked at.

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