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Coachella 2024
May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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NFL Draft Recap
May 17, 2024

Where is My King?


by Rawlanda Hinds, staff reporter

Rawlandas Where’s my King Video from Eneid Papa on Vimeo.


I’m Blind and Binded.

Black liberation, the demonstration of my dignity.

I don’t feel the shackles, the scars on my back can’t be seen.

What are these hymns you sing, “Oh freedom over me?”

Generational Growing Pains screaming out

“Where is my King?”

I protest with no progress, please find that place for me.

He started the moral crusades.

Gave us voice to the soundtrack of our freedom.

But disappeared and left us with many questions

Connection to my past, broken.

The screams of my ancestors go unspoken.

Generational Growing Pains.

Youth led not by the fight in our blood,

but the speed of lights in our thumbs.

Where is my King?

How am I to live without fear?

How connected and to the people who marched for freedom I can’t seem to see?

Generational Growing Pains.

We need a King.

You know the one to get your blood pumping,

have your mind rolling,

watch as our feet move.

We need a King.

No, He wasn’t just a leader.

No, He inspired justice in those who saw no future in us.

His fight didn’t stop with protect.

No, it continued through his political party.

But twitter has become my march.

Hashtags and 140 characters snippets of

what the movement really means to us.

Generational Growing Pains.

Find my King.

The one who puts down his phone and makes the physical change.

Find my King.

Who yells out songs in the street,

The same ones that you only hear

in church every February or so.

“King, Where are you?”

Am I really suffering from

Generational Growing Pains.

We lack something.

The fight?

The memories?

The call for Unity?

Youth trappe into our cycle of ignorance

and can find the time to see.

Watch as our King falls to his knees.

I had a dream he yells.

Passed the baton to the youth but how much head way have we made.

Disgraced and Ashamed,

that the kids he helped raise.

aren’t connected to his pain.

“Stand up” he yells

“Put your minds together and unite

Help your brothers and Sisters who have fallen.

Don’t let my death be in vain.”

Can you hear them?

Trayvon Martin

Dontre Hamilton

Dante Parker

Tasha Anderson

Eric Garner

John Crawford III

Michael Brown Jr.

Ezell Ford

Akai Gurley

Tamir Rice

Rumain Brisbon

Jerame Reid

Freddie Grey

Sandra Bland

Their blood still warm on the streets

Body lay like symbols to the people like me.

Generational Growing Pains.

Hear our King cry “What Happened to my Dream?”

Ask yourself.

Who’s gonna lead the Youth?

Who do we have to Lean on?

We get blamed for the issues.

How terrible are we.

But we never learned to lead.

Remember education is key.

If I’ve failed the King,

it wasn’t just me

Generational Growing Pains.

Find my King.

The Only one who fought with words.

Looking at the world, seeing his children lay barren.

Disgusted and Distraught.

That this is why he fought.

He had a mission a goal to achieve.

But look at me.

I don’t feel the shackles, the scars on my back can’t be seen.

We shall overcome is at its farthest reach for me.

So I shatter his dreams.

Screaming out “Where is my King?”


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