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May 17, 2024
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What begins as a seed

Photo attributions to Tonje Thilesen.
Photo attributions to Tonje Thilesen.
Photo attributions to Tonje Thilesen.

by Keith Loh, staff reporter


It begins as a seed.

Water it with hate, and it grows.

Let it fester, and it feeds,

And soon, it will begin to show.

It will consume you and make you hollow,      

Only death and destruction will follow.

Nothing will be left at all.

Nothing will survive the fall.

Everything that you once held dear,

Has been forcefully taken away.

Your loved ones died along with your fear.       

The good in your heart has given way.

Your moral compass has gone astray.        

Your malicious intents are no longer kept at bay.

The seething hate spreads like wildfire.

Revenge is all that you desire.

The world is dark, the world is grey.           

You are a dead man walking.

When was the last time you saw the light of day?

The devil is knocking.

The vines spread and hold you like chains.   

A deadly jungle that cannot be tamed.

A kingdom of horrors has been built,

That causes your good natured side to wilt.

Under this fake smile,  

That I use to lure you in.

The intentions are vile,                           

Now pay for your sins.   

A tree that has lost all of its leaves,

To the cold winter it concedes,

Makes way for something sinister,         

Nowhere to go, trapped as a prisoner.

The evil within has taken root.

The flower, now fully bloomed.

The years of torment have finally bore fruit,

And so, comes your doom.

Having died a long time ago,

This fervor for vengeance has taken your soul.

Revenge is all that you know.

Seeing that person dead is your only goal.

The worst has yet to come.

You’ve become so numb.

It has caused you to succumb.

What have you become?

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