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May 17, 2024
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Spread the Love

 Photo attributions to Hartwig HKD
Photo attributions to Hartwig HKD

by Jason Ruiz, staff reporter

Spread the love, spread it to others.

Lift up spirits, and take away the chains.

Reveal the potential, and take away the pain.

A helping hand helps a thousand lives.

Picking up one another prevents a thousand cries.

A spec of love can grow a thousand times.

 Photo attributions to Hartwig HKD
Photo attributions to Hartwig HKD.

Asking how someone is feeling goes a long way.

Feelings are mutual when you treat people as equals.

The days of no love but evils.

Remember that you’re still loved by the people.

Everyone’s different that’s what we all say.9

Yet we all have a trait that makes us the same.

So why make everyone else feel ashamed?

Let your brothers and sisters lift you up.

Don’t give up we’ll prevail.

Rough seas but we’ll sail.

As long as you see your worth.

Keep lifting up yourself.

Let love spread like wealth.

Spread the love.

Spread the love.

Spread the love to others.

Not just yourself.

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