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Ten ways to control the sneeze

Photo attributions to Marianna Brogna.
Photo attributions to Marianna Brogna.
Photo attributions to Marianna Brogna.

by Marianna Brogna, staff reporter

People always declare cold weather as the culprit for inducing the flu, and with winter fast-approaching, everyone should know how to prevent it without just a vaccine. There are other natural ways to beat feeling under-the-weather.

1. Refresh with Tea

Tea is always a good revitalizer. When hot, it can help refresh and calm the body.  Recommended teas when feeling crabby would be chamomile and ginger tea. Chamomile tea helps relax, and can even encourage sleep, if had half an hour before bed. Ginger tea helps tame acids in the stomach, given actual stomach problems. Drinking natural hot tea can help boost the immune system as they’re filled with nutrients.

2. Keep Clean

As eager and hands-on as a person might be, germs are transmitted by hands the most. Germs are everywhere, and can be encountered in everyday life from touching door handles, staircase railings, elevator buttons, etc. Always keep a pocket sized bottle of sanitizer to keep those needy germs away, and always keep the hands clean.

3. ReVITAlize

Taking vitamin supplements daily always boosts the immune system. For what people lack in their diet, in terms of certain foods that contain healthy vitamins and nutrients, is substituted in pill form. While it might not be the most natural way, it gets the job done for people who don’t have the time.

4. Cluck! Cluck!

Strike the oven and bring those noodles to a boil. Chicken noodle soup is always a good remedy to keep the body warm, hydrated, and healthy, especially when loaded with hearty vegetables and high-protein chicken chunks.

5. Don’t Touch!

Try not to come into any close contact with anyone infected with the flu. It’s easier to contract it from others then people like to think.

6. Zzzz…

It is essential to be well-rested, especially if there’s something going around. The better rested, the higher the immunity. The body can let it’s guard down if it’s too tired because it’s overworking to stay awake.

7. The Crook Of The Elbow

It’s useful for something. When coughing or sneezing, it is more protective of others to do it in the crook of the elbow instead of on the hand, which is what is used to touch everything, which spreads germs. This can benefit the sick, and others around them from contracting the infection.

8. Exercise regularly

Exercising boosts the body’s immunity as well. Although it seems like a better idea to snuggle under a blanket at home, especially during the winter, if the blood doesn’t circulate regularly through the body, it won’t function as effectively.

9. Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated, and fights off the infection by keeping the innards moist, especially if there is a fever. Water is best at flushing everything out of the system, and provides nutrients that help immune system cells function.

10. Manage Stress

A positive, stress-free attitude can always help the body, emotionally and physically. Being naturally happy can also boost serotonin levels; anyone can battle through feeling under-the-weather.

The flu has always been a nasty infection that impairs people drastically, and can also be deadly if not treated right away. If symptoms are noticed, treat it immediately, even the common cold.

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