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Chinese Lunar New Year gets students a day off

For the first time ever NYC schools will have a day off for Lunar New year. Students are excited for the new day off, and think it’s a good thing to recognize other cultures. “I think it’s good we are off because we get to accept other cultures,” eighth grader Hennessy Arias said. Picture by aotaro from Flickr.

by Alicia Massey, staff reporter

Chinese New Year is the longest Chinese public holiday. It’s also known as the Spring Festival.

“I think it’s good we are off because we get to accept other cultures,” eighth grader Hennessy Arias said.

This holiday happens annually and lasts for fifteen days. This year it starts on February 7 and ends on the 13. For the first time ever, students will be getting Monday, February 8 off.

“I think it’s great that it gives people a chance to celebrate the holiday that they would normally have to miss school,” senior Demetri Mihalios said.

Chinese Lunar New Year started during the Shang Dynasty (17th – 11th century BC).  The Festival is observed to commemorate the fight against the monster “Nian” who liked to eat children and livestock. The monster was said to be afraid of red color and loud sound. Therefore, people decorated their houses in red and set off firecrackers to expel it.

“I eat hot pot which has meat, noodles, seafood like crab, lobster, shrimp, tofu, crab cakes, lobster balls and it’s delicious. My family and I spend the day together. My parent and relatives give me money and all the young kids in the family or those who aren’t married. It’s like Christmas. I always come to school on this day but when I did, I lost eight hours with my family and we couldn’t go to the restaurants because they were packed,” senior Maryann Liu said.

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