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EF Tour meeting 2/1/16

EU trip Wjps
Preparing for the Europe trip, the group had a meeting on February 1st. They discussed about the plane ride, gave each other tips, and finalization of room arrangements. Photo attributions to Eneid Papa.

by Jason Ruiz, staff reporter, and Michael Fiscaletti, Fact Checker

In preparation for their upcoming departure, those participating in WJPS’s EF tour trip met to discuss certain details for the trip. The meeting occurred on February 1st, and took place in the Library in the basement.

“I haven’t been to many places in Europe, however what I’m most excited for is our destination in Barcelona. You hear a lot of talk about Barcelona, so let’s see what they have to offer,” said Gino Myrtl from tech staff.

During the meeting, travelers gathered together filled out some paperwork, and began to discuss specific preparations for the upcoming trip. This included groups writing a variety of travelling tips, finalizing room arrangements.

“Save water and take showers together,” senior Jonah Sampedro said.

Mrs. Pepe reminded travelers who haven’t paid the requested $88 in tip money (for tour guides, bus drivers, etc.) to see her at her office (Room 336), as soon as possible.

Shortly before the meeting, trip coordinator and vice principal Mrs. Poulos sent this e-mail to travellers, offering them a chance to view a variety of their destinations in advance:

“If you are a subscriber to HULU you may want to check out the following episodes from Rick Steves, Travel Guru, showcasing our destinations:

Here are two links for you to consider: (Episode showcases Cinque Terre) (Episode showcases French Riviera)

There are other episodes on Barcelona (Season 5/Episode 3) and Monaco (Season 5/Episode 4)

It may also be worthwhile to check out Sonia’s Travel Tips on YouTube….a great resource for first time international travelers.”

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