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by Jason Ruiz, staff reporter


What does it mean to exist?

What does it mean to live?

What does it mean to resist?

What does it mean to give?


A giant bag of emotions and thoughts in a small human sack.

Driven to become greater but fall short for what we lack.

Walking upon unstable influences that leave you second guessing,

The idyllic gems embedded beneath us is the only blessing.

Originality that shines when we speak those certain words.

Our heart is the one driving us to be heard.

How do we dig up our gem?

How do we become one instead of them?

How do we exist instead to pretend?

How do we become stable?

By putting in the work.

Reality will hit you as if you’ve been sucker punched in your solar plexus.

Decisions will come up with the the collisions.

Giving up or what’s next?

The conditions are harsh to create a small blip on the map.

Sacrifices are made to approach our definition of existentialism.

Idyllism is changed to realism.

Rags to riches.

To exist is the way of living.

Happiness is the key.

Unlock yourself to become the person you were meant to exist.


We all heard it.

We all worked for it.

We all live for it.

We all made it.

However,existence only exist for people who lives.

Not for the one who exits existence.

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