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NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
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Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Stephanie Lizzul Belly Piercing Personality

Teenagers want many different types of piercings to either fit into a certain group or just because they like the style and how it looks. One out of the many popular piercings for teenage girls are the navel piercings also known as the belly button piercings.

According to the navel piercing goes all the way back to the Aztec times throughout the Egyptian and Inca tribes. The piercings each represented a different meaning, such as status in society and bravery in a battle.

Reasons Why Many Teenagers Want a Belly Button Piercing
According to teenagers began to see piercings in a different way, a non spiritual way. The punk scene began in the 1980’s which is when teenagers wanted more piercings on themselves on places such as the lip, tongue and eyebrows.

“Belly piercings look nice but only on some people. I don’t find them trashy because teenagers should be able to express themselves through piercings in life everyday,” stated Senior, Joseph Lopez. Many teenagers like navel piercings because of the glint of color and sparkle of the gems which is calling attention on the soft curve on the waist.

“There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your body. A lot of people have belly piercings & that doesn’t make them tasteless people,” stated Senior, Zoe Edwards.  According to a belly piercing can make a woman feel good about herself and it makes them feel beautiful.

“I don’t think they are trashy, it just depends how a person looks with it,” stated Sophmore Mariana Krslovic. Teenagers have to do what they want to do to feel better about themselves and not let anyone hold them back.

There are many things that teenagers should consider before getting a navel piercing. According to the Association of Professional Piercers feels that getting a navel piercing isn’t for everybody. Many feel that a navel piercing shouldn’t be placed on anyone who has skin irritations or has freckles in the area getting pierced, anyone who has diabetes and is pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Side Effects of a Navel Piercing
There are many side effects with these types of piercings. If the piercing equipment hasn’t been sterilized it can spread to infectious diseases including HIV. While getting punctured the bacteria can cause an infection even after the piercing has healed. While getting the navel pierced the piercing has to be the right size. If the jewelry is too large it can cut off the blood supply to the tissue causing swelling and pain. Other types of possible side effects are excessive bleeding, allergic reactions and keloids which is a thick scarring at the piercing site.

Prevent Infections
In order to help prevent infections to the navel piercing one thing that should not be used is alcohol, peroxide or any type of strong soaps. Exercising can irritate the piercing so after exercising the piercing should be rinsed. The pierced area should be kept away from other people’s body fluids such as sweat and saliva while in the healing process.

While in the healing process of a navel piercing, clean clothes with soft fabric should be worn and avoid wearing jeans because the material can irritate the piercing. While in the healing process no tight clothing should be worn such as belts. Limiting the amount of caffeine and alcohol can be helpful because it slows down the healing process. Try not to use any type of lotions or cosmetics near the piercing while healing.

Tanning beds, direct sunlight and tanning oils should be avoided because they can cause scarring. Eating healthy foods can help the healing faster because the foods are filled with vitamins and minerals. Another way a piercing can begin to heal faster is by taking pills such as multi-vitamins with vitamin C and zinc because they boost tissue regeneration.

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