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June 11, 2024
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June 11, 2024

“The Perfect Slice”


By: Oscar Berrios and Christopher Sanitate, Opinion Reporters

High school students all around the nation rely on certain staple foods to consume during lunch breaks and get through their day. Fast food is definitely at the top of many teenagers’ lists, and, inevitably, with fast food comes pizza.

Most New Yorkers are quite picky with their pizza, noticing everything from the bread texture, to the cheese-to-sauce proportion on your typical plain slice.

If you’re anything like us, you want to know the best pizza spots in town, and only spend your valuable money at the most worthy of places. Fret no more, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll be rating pizza places around the Flushing, Queens area of New York, particularly those in close proximity to World Journalism Preparatory School.

The closest pizzerias to the school are as follows, in order of closest to farthest:

  1. Graziella’s Pizzerias, located on 33-25 Francis Lewis Boulevard
  2. Luigi Pizza, located on 20515 35th Avenue
  3. Pizza Rama, located on 3715 Francis Lewis Boulevard
  4. Gigi’s Pizzeria, located on 2009 Francis Lewis Boulevard

Graziella Pizzeria:

$2.75 per plain slice

Oscar Berrios: The pizza was pretty good. The cheese to sauce ratio was disproportionate, the cheese was overpowering over the sauce, and the crust was nothing special. Overall, it’s a slightly above average slice of pizza, but the price takes away from the quality.  (7/10)

Christopher Sanitate:  The pizza was made fresh. There was an excessive amount of cheese used compared to sauce. It wasn’t burnt but was still a crisp slice. (7.5/10)

  • Overall: (7.3/10)

Luigi Pizza:

$3 per plain slice

Oscar Berrios: The pizza was very good. The cheese was very overpowering over the sauce, but in a good way, surprisingly. The crust was a good combination between thick and thin, and complemented the amount of cheese very well. However, the above average cost for a slice does not match the flavor. Although the pizza was good, it fell short of what you would expect for a $3.00 slice of pizza. (7.5/10)

Christopher Sanitate: The slice was perfectly warm. Didn’t burn my tongue. The cheese was sizzling and everything was fresh. The sauce could be a little bit better. The staff is very nice. It is a very authentic New York pizzeria. (7/10)

  • Overall: (7.3/10)

Pizzarama Pizzeria:

$2.75 per plain slice

Oscar Berrios: As soon as you walk through the door, you get that smell of a classic plain slice of pizza, which at first seemed like a good thing, but the taste of the slice quickly proved to not be in the same boat. It was basic and cliche, with no pleasant surprises or any “oohs” and “ahhs”. The pizza was your average slice of pizza, not too good, but not bad. However, the price compensates for the basic taste. You get what you pay for. (6/10)

Christopher Sanitate: Very good slice. Sauce was perfect, not watery at all. The staff was very nice. They made sure everything was good. However, the environment seemed a little old and overdue for renovations.  (8/10)

  • Overall: (7/10)

Gigi’s Pizzeria:

$2.75 per plain slice

Oscar Berrios: There’s not many bad things to say about this slice of pizza. Everything was exactly what you would expect from an excellent slice of pizza, from the warmth of the slice, to the perfectly cheesy flavor, to the crispy flavorful crust, this pizza spot has won the crown for best pizza around. The only downside to this pizza is that it’s not as close as other options, but for this good of a slice of pizza, the 10 walking minute commute from WJPS is most definitely worth it.  (9.5/10)

Christopher Sanitate: The pizza had a perfect amount of cheese to sauce ratio. Although the wait was a little bit longer, the pizza was cooked fresh right in front of our eyes. It was cooked well, but just a little bit burnt. (8.5/10)

  • Overall: (9/10)

Overall, Gigi’s Pizza is the winner of this taste test. From it’s affordable price, that takes into account a high school student’s limited budget, to its unmatched quality of flavor, a slice from here should be a go to for an after school meal for the vast majority of World Journalism Preparatory School students.

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