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Dogs Vs Cats


Meow, meow.

According to the 2019-2020 National Pets Owners Survey, 42.7 Million households own one or more pet cats. However, canines beat them out by a sizeable margin? Why is that? Dogs are a fine animal, but cats are far better.

Cats, for one, are quieter animals overall. While a dog’s nature can be charming at first, some days you do not want to babysit a loud dog raring to play with you after a long day at work or school. You might not be in the mood to walk it early in the morning in three inches of rain. You just want to sleep in and relax.

Of course, you can’t neglect a cat and deprive it of all interaction. However, by most accounts, cats love to spend time with themselves. I would rather have a kitten purring on my lap as opposed to a puppy scratching my leg for treats and a game of catch.

Also, on a practical level, cats are the cheaper animal to own. Although it is difficult to find good averages, pet adoption services to pet owning blogs to pet stores generally agree that cats are the more economical pet.

Finally, cats live longer lives than dogs. As per Guinness World Records, the oldest dog to ever live died at 29. As for cats? The oldest one died at 38.

Although ultimately the choice between dogs and cats is up to an individual pet owner, sometimes, the top dog is a cat.

– Roberto Ruiz

Woof, woof!

When it comes to cats and dogs, dogs easily rank as the superior pet.

In many instances, dogs help humans and rescue people in danger. They are a part of military and police services, and work as sheepherders, hunters, and service dogs for the disabled. Meanwhile, cats don’t work at all. They just sleep. Have you ever seen a police cat? Me neither. 

I love both cats and dogs equally, but in terms of which pet shares a stronger bond with humans, dogs undoubtedly exhibit a greater connection with their owners.

Dogs will be there for you and visibly show excitement towards you. When has a cat noticeably been happy to see their owner? Besides purring, there’s not really any other way that they express love towards humans.

Dogs will wag their tail, happily bark, and turn around in circles when their owners come back home to them. It’s clear that they genuinely love their owners.

As both a dog and cat owner, I see a definite difference between how the two interact with humans. My cat comes to me pretty much only to ask to be fed. She allows me to interact with her, but only if I go to her first. My dog, on the other hand, not only comes to me when she is hungry, but also when she wants to play. While cats love you conditionally, dogs will love their owners unconditionally.

– Nicola Lasak

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