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Student thinkers prevail over student presidents by Esther Animalu, contributing reporter

Imagine, the suspense of winning. Adrenaline beating deep down within you. Wondering, anticipating, picturing the successful outcome of achieving, believing…Then, suddenly, one finds themselves uttering these words… “Why didn’t I win?”

Running for student president is highly common in middle and high schools around the world. Becoming a student president is respected as one of the highest honored roles to achieve during academic studies. However, is student presidency really necessary?

Consistently one may under go any circumstance to be elected, even if it means sabotaging another fellow contestant. In most cases, one may encounter electing a student president as a popularity contest, instead of choosing a candidate that offers new, fresh, creative and realistic initiatives that would be beneficial to not only them nevertheless, the entire student body. As a result of this, the whole election becomes biased.

“There shouldn’t be student elections because, it is really unnecessary. Having one might be like him/her being in charge or the “boss” of everything. Sometimes the president that’s elected might be elected because of popularity or unfair voting. Also, the president might do something we don’t want to do or enjoy. But, what can we do about it? We should be able to speak for ourselves instead of being told to to do something by a president,” said Amy Ren, 6th grader.
“I don’t think a student president is necessary because, why have a president when we have teachers, the dean, the principal and the assistant principal? They run the school and have everything under control,” said Brianna Mendoza, 6th grader.
Student presidency may also be a respectable role to aspire. It encourages one to think outside the box for activities that have a realistic place in the student body. Serving as president can enable a student to gain strong interpersonal, leadership, social, economic, and management skills.

“When I was student president, it gave me an opportunity to make change and have my voice heard,” said Gabriella Yannotti, senior.

“Although it can be hard to run school events, I think it is necessary to have a student as president because most students have similarities as regular students who aren’t involved with helping the school with projects, so I think more kids will enjoy going to events made by people who share the same likings,“ said Shaney Hwang, 6th grader.
“I think electing a student president is necessary because it lets the students speak out on what they want to improve on in the school. It builds up student voice,” said Adriana Pardo, 6th grader.
According to Running For Student President Winter 2009. 9 January. 2012, studies show that running for student president will efficiently boost positive changes in the school’s environment as well as the student congregation itself. This transpires because, due to the president being a student just like the entire student body, the pupil president will tend to know how the other students may think or what ideas they would be most fond of. As a result, the student body’s attitude towards social events, will appear more congenial. Furthermore, because most of the students are in a more blissful mood, the environment becomes more civilized.
“Electing a student president is important. It gives us more freedom. Also we could make the grade or school a better place. Since students around our age are making decisions and planning events,” said Erica Liow, 6th grader.
Above all the various opinions is that, although in some scenarios over reaching to guaranteed in order to make sure that one is student president may seem preposterous. However one would approve of the idea of proceeding to have student president elections. Journalism is about speaking one’s inner mind by interpreting it into crucial writing. In contrast, by generating the legacy of student presidents, students are able to practice speaking out their inner voice to the general public. As a result, their criteria of using their voice to write a story, will be simply, extraordinary.  

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