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Students put the ‘Spirit’ in WJPS by, Naomi Smith-George, staff reporter

World Journalism’s annual spirit week kicked off on Monday, October 17th. Students participated in various activities throughout the week to show off their school spirit.

Monday was school spirit day. Students were given the chance to wear WJPS’s signature colors: yellow, navy, and khaki and were encouraged to go the extra mile and be creative. Several girls wore cut up WJPS gym t-shirts, blue knee high socks, and rocked face paintings that read WJPS.

“I thought this day was really fun. Some people didn’t take this day seriously and wore the regular school uniform showing their school spirit that way because our school colors are represented in our uniform. Nonetheless, I cut up my shirt, and wrote ‘seniors 2012’ on the back,” said senior, Alexandria Barry.

Tuesday the 18th, was nerd day. Students imitated the stereotypical ‘nerd’, seen on T.V show characters such as Steve Urkel from Family Matters and Carl from Jimmy Neutron by wearing various ‘nerd attire’ items such as suspenders, high cut pants, wide eye glasses, etc.

“Nerd day was really fun. I dressed up as the stereotypical nerd and it was really cool because I looked at it as ‘my day’. I classify myself as a nerd so I had lots of fun on ‘my day’,“ said eighth grader, Alyssa Striano.

On Wednesday the 19th, students were scheduled to go on their annual field day trip; however, due to weather conditions, the trip was canceled. According to high school Assistant Principal, Mr. Jurman, the administration is trying to reschedule the trip for sometime this Spring; but, it takes time to receive a park permit; therefore, the date has not yet been determined.

“I was very disappointed because it was going to be my first experience encountering a field day,” said sixth grader, Daniel Mendoza.

Nonetheless, students still participated by wearing their grade colors. Each grade was assigned a color to wear, and students were given the privilege to wear jeans.

“I think color day was a fun way to show school spirit within each grade,” said seventh grader, Mathew Garber.

On Thursday the 20th, students were allowed to wear an appropriate costume of their choice to school for costume day. Students participated by wearing costumes portraying common characters. Cats were a favorite amongst girls, and professional athletes amongst boys. Yearbook Advisor, Ms. Destefano, hosted a contest for the most creative costume in which the winner, Samnatha Avesano, won two tickets for the Broadway show ‘Mamma Mia’. Second place winner, Gabby Yannotti won a pair of movie tickets and third place winner, Chelsea Mesa, won a fifteen dollar itunes gift card.

“Costume  day was awesome! I got to see my friends in other clothing besides our school uniform,” said 6th grader, Chris Georgiadis, who dressed up as rapper, Eminem.

On costume day, the publications classes put together a carnival to raise money for their supplies. Ms. Sackstein; Newspaper Advisor, Ms. Robinson; Broadcast Advisor, and Ms. Destefano, received donations from various organizations to help the success of their event. Numerous high school students from the publications classes participated by running various booths.

“The carnival was an amazing event. It was fun particpating, the best part was running the nail painting booth with Arianna Pincay,” said Bianca Rosembert, junior. “I thought it was a successful, collective effort and it was a great outcome.”

Friday the 21st was pajama day. Students participated by wearing pajamas to school. Many students dressed in colorful, bright pajamas. Some wore onesies, and even went as far as to carrying a teddy bears and pillows around school with them.

   “Pajama day was a really fun day, I like that it gave us a chance to be cozy and warm throughout the whole day,” said Emily Clork, freshman.

In addition to pajama day, WJPS was supposed to host there annual sports night Friday; however, due to the lack of voluntary players, sports night was canceled.

“Spirit week went really well, a lot of students participated and had a lot of fun. It was a great success and I hope to have the same results next year,” said Mr. Jurman.



Side bar:
Seniors – black
Juniors- purple
Freshmen- green
Eight graders- yellow
Seventh graders- blue
Sixth- white

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