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Sports Take II: The One and Done Rule


By: Chris Ellis, Sports Reporter


The rule that many ask about is the One and Done rule. The One and Done rule is a rule in which a college player will play one year of basketball and then go straight to the NBA draft.


This mostly happens with the best of the best basketball players. The University of Kentucky has the most players that go One and Done in the NBA draft – they once had six players declare for the draft, and each were first or second round draft picks.


Before this, there was a rule that would allow players straight out of high school to go straight to the NBA draft. Players such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Dwight Howard each did this and became first round draft picks without even going to college.


However, that rule ended in 2005 when the age eligibility was raised to the age of 18.  


This rule is related to the straight out of high school rule, in which the players had the option to go to college or go straight to the NBA.


If a player goes to college and goes pro, it would mean they would have one shot of winning the National Championship and then would never have another chance again.

Plus, this could break open their potential of being a first or second round pick. If you had one bad game, your development could decrease and your draft rate can go down. Additionally, if you’re not drafted in the NBA, you would be undrafted and could play overseas or in a summer league.

In the NFL, it is rare that a player can go One and Done. Most college football players wait until their junior or senior years to go pro.

The NFL has seven rounds and has over 200 players being selected, which includes Heisman winners and National Champions from all Division One colleges. This means they would have a one out of 250 chance of being selected.

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