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3…2…1… NEW SCHOOL YEAR! By: Allison O’Hagan

A new year means new goals. For WJPS students the new year school year has brought opportunities for students to really improve and succeed.

Junior, Bianca Rosenbert said “My goal for this year is to study more and do better is Algebra2/Trig because 11th grade year is the most important.”

Students of every year in WJPS are preparing for the new school whether they wish to be goal oriented or not.

Doing better in a particular subject is a popular goal for many of the students but for others they have chose to do better overall in their academic performance. Junior, Colleen Fox said she wanted to do well in every subject, and to get high scores on her SAT. With tests coming up all students are working very hard to make the grade in every subject.

For some graduation is right around the corner, but for others it is a long time away.

“My main goal for this year is to just get good grades.” freshman, Christina Losito said. When asked why she wanted to try so hard, Losito’s response was “I want to get good grades in high school because, in middle school I didn’t really care about school and never tried.” Even though the cap and gown are far in the future for Losito and her fellow classmates, the work continues.

Students in the middle school also have goals for themselves. Eighth grader, Sara Doran says that her goals are to pass the regents, get into good high schools, and over all try her hardest and do her best. Students of all grades find that a good start in the beginning can benefit their future.

“I want to stay on task like I have for the past three years of high school, and not let senioritis get to me” said senior, Jenna Schiffman.

A new school year and a new senior class means college applications, college essays, and resumes for most of the first few months. Seniors are really beginning to prepare for their futures and some have big goals to accomplish this year. Some high school students chose to make goals and some do not.

“I feel like when I make goals, I don’t really achieve them fully and I end up disappointing myself” said senior, Isabella Janishvili

With a new year in the works and students making game plans, this year will certainly be an interesting  year full of new experiences for all the students. Certain goals to achieve may be the drive it takes for the students of WJPS to success in everything they want to do, as Ante Jakic, WJPS Senior would say “No matter what happens in life, always work at it!”

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