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NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
Fine Classroom Line
Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Think, before hitting send

by Esther Animalu, contributing reporter

Message sent. Texting is a vastly popular craze. The concept of texting is a way to express oneself through a different element of communicating. The elements of texting consist of using zany various abbreviations, acronyms, creative texting faces and rarely full proper sentences. However, although texting may seem utterly fundamental or seemingly perplexing, texting has a serious impact on one’s literature, grammar and writing as a whole.
According to
ability-to-communicate-in-other-manners, studies show that compulsive texting affects us because, we lose social awareness and forget how to properly communicate with each other.

We avoid conversation yet, long for it. We make ourselves socially awkward. Conversation is something we need to take advantage of in this community. Our eyes might as well be glued to the screen of our phones and computers. We need to have social awareness because social awareness is an asset that cannot- and should not- be lost.
“I think texting does affect your writing and communication skills because when kids are influenced by texting they learn new ways to talk. Such as “ttyl,” “btw,” they think this kind of communication is ok so they start talking like that,” 7th grader, Brianna Evette Mendoza said.

Furthermore, although texting is a quick, easy and fun way to communicate, it is detrimental to people when they rely on it for all their communication. No one is born with the ability to communicate. Communication skills must be learned through real experiences, and then practiced. When a person texts, and ignores face-to-face communication, they are unable to develop these skills. For instance, take cyber bullying as an example, students find that it is much easier to insult someone online than it is face-to-face.

“I think texting does not affect your writing and communication skills. The only thing that affects your writing and communication skills is if you choose to talk and write text language, such as  “lol.” For example I text all the time and I still write using proper grammar and spelling. In conclusion, I think texting does not affect your writing or communication skills,” 7th grader, Shaney Hwang said.

Likewise, according to

english_.html, while teachers and professionals are pulling out their hair trying to figure out why text message spelling has become mainstream, not all studies about the phenomena are telling people to worry. People’s abilities to write and speak English properly may still be safe, or even bettered by text messaging, as long they know when to leave it on their cellphones.
“I don’t think texting is harming or writing and communication skills because my parents make sure that I don’t fall into the category of “bad writers. ”That, and I’m a natural nerd,” 7th grader, Julia Anderson said.

Moreover, it is proven to be found that an eye-popping 82% of students who repeatedly text, often find themselves using the choppy lingo, sloppy spelling and distributing them into their writing. Text messaging is outsourcing the english american language to be foreign, being replaced by the “language of text.” Common communication skills are being lost, because texting is so common in our society today.

Various students and parents feel that texting should not be done every hour of every day. As students’ literacy skills start to plummet down, many speculate that texting is becoming harmful to our native language.

“Sometimes, when people text, they have auto spell check, especially on smartphones, so it makes people forget to spell. We are in the generation where technology makes us lazy and this is one sign, may be the first sign of it. Texting is harming our writing and talking skills,” 7th grader, Gwyneth Gravador said.

“No texting isn’t harming our language because when you text your just using the words that come in mind. Just having a conversation in a different form,” 7th grader, Kristine Vicente said.


ability-to-communicate-in-other-manners, states that texting allows people to think before they hit the send button. Anyone who texts can check grammar or spelling, before they hit the send button. This allows people to be more thoughtful, and may even make it easier for them to communicate in other manners, because they may actually get used to thinking before they speak.
“Texting isn’t affecting anything. Because if you think about it, even though we text more we still talk, we still call, we still have conversations, we still do all the stuff that we would do even if you didn’t have a phone, computer or all of that other stuff,” 7th grader, Haley Davis said.
“Texting is harmful to our writing and communication skills, because when we text, we text differently and obviously we’re not going to make the writing prefect so when we do talk we don’t talk properly,” 7th grader, Crystal Shin said.

Texting will be here stay for ages to come. Although, aside from people’s opinions, texting has become an easier way to communicate with others because it’s faster and convenient. However if we let texting become a habit then later evolve into an addiction it can take a huge toll on our literary and communication skills. If we spend less time behind the screen and more time behind the paper, our immense technology society just might survive.

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