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NFL Season Openers
June 11, 2024
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Fine Classroom Line
June 11, 2024

Favorite College Majors by Jayne Papa, feature editor

What makes a student choose a major 

For most high school seniors, choosing a major is one of the hardest parts of going through the college experience. Most seniors are insecure and indecisive about what they want to do in the future. Students have different ideas about what they want do and here are some of them.

When asked about what intended major she wants to do, senior Katherine Papatheodorou said, “My plan right now is to major in communications and education. If communications doesn’t work out for me since it’s not a steady career, I’ll have education as a background.” Katherine also said, “I’m really interested in Broadcast and Journalism so I hope to pursue a career in that direction one day. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was little, and if I end up being one, I would be a high school English teacher.”

Experience and practice is also something that drives students to choose a certain major. Senior Michelle Xia said, “After I went to the Youth About Business program for two summers in a row, it really made me interested in business, I like how challenging and competitive it is.” Michelle is still indecisive about what major she’ll be pursuing in college. “For college I’m not exactly sure what field to choose, there are many involved with business such as finance, marketing, accounting or investing. I have narrowed it down to what direction I want to go, but not specifically what job I want to do.”

Many students don’t even know what they want to do for college. When asked about what  major he wants to choose, senior Andrew Villa said, “ I have no clue, I don’t know anything at all. I like mathematics, but I don’t know what field I would want to get into because mathematics is such a wide field.”

Most Popular Majors

According to a survey made by CNN the ten most popular majors chosen by students are: Biology, Business Administration and Management, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Marketing, Nursing, Psychology and Political Science.

  It was proved that Biology was the top chosen major. By studying this subject, college students can have future careers in genetics, medical research and ecology. A general biologist starts out at $38,896, while a biochemist makes slightly more at $43,961.

Business and administration is the second preferred major which can also get a person a high salary. Graduates from this major usually assume leadership roles, they become managers, executives and CEO’s.

Communications is the third chosen major which can give a college student many choices and opportunities on the career that they want to pursue. Careers for this major can include jobs like public relations, reporting, advertising and also speech writing or public speaking. The beginning salary in jobs like these can be $30,921.

The fourth on the list is computer science which can be used in a number of careers because of the variety of skills that graduates can learn. These skills can range from developing software and analyzing systems to more advanced skills like working with language recognition programs and other types of artificial intelligence. Jobs in this field include network analysts, database administrators and Web developers.

Criminal justice comes in fifth and graduates with this degree have a number of options for their career path. One initial choice is becoming a police officer or  legal assistants, court administrators, work for a government agency like the FBI, CIA or Homeland Security.

Other majors will include: Elementary Education, Marketing, Nursing, Psychology and Political Science.

Elementary Education is a popular option that many students choose to copy but despite the importance that is has it has the lowest beginning salary which is $29,414. Marketing is also one of the majors that students tend to choose, because graduates in this degree can specialize in promotions, public relations or marketing strategies. They are available in a wide range of the industries and it begins with a salary of $59,471.

Many people that would like to become something in the medical field prefer studying nursing as a major in college. Nursing is the largest industry in health care with 25 million workers. Registered nurses, who provide a range of general care, are always in demand graduates have a wide range of choices as to what kind of care they wish to provide. The beginning salary of this job is: $ 41,173.
Psychology is also common for students and graduates in this degree a person can work in entry-level jobs such as school counselors or substance abuse counselors.

Political science is last. Politics is far more than local, state, and federal elections. Political science majors can work in a number of roles, including working for political parties in administrative positions or as analysts.


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